360 Cookware, came to Uproar PR to establish the company as a go-to luxury cookware brand nationwide. 360 challenged the lifestyle PR firm to look outside of the box in bringing its line of American made cookware to the forefront of consumer’s minds. Throughout the time 360 Cookware and Uproar have been working together, the Uproar team has continued to secure top tier coverage across consumer, women’s interest, food, home and business outlets.

Uproar created a diverse strategy plan for 360 Cookware that would garner widespread media coverage for the brand in both print and online media outlets. As Uproar developed and implemented this strategy the team identified several unique angles to leverage for top tier media coverage:

  • Product reviews, round-ups and giveaways for high-level media
  • Well-crafted recipes for any occasion
  • American Made products in an American based factory

Initially, Uproar identified an ongoing media relations opportunity through offering product reviews and giveaway opportunities. Uproar reached out to several high-level online outlets and bloggers to continuously garner these opportunities. Past reviews, round-ups and giveaways have been featured in articles on About.com, The Daily Meal, Chic Luxuries, Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, The Gracious Pantry, New Kitchen Idea, Family Focus Blog, Life in a House of Testosterone, Consumer Queen, The Daily Burn, Groovy Green Livin’, theSIMPLEmoms, Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, Food Travelist and Things That Make People Go Aww, to name a few.

The most successful review and giveaway Uproar coordinated with Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog ended with 84,325 total entries in a 30-day span.

Uproar also coordinated a TV segment incorporating a giveaway of 360 Cookware’s products on the well-known show, The Doctors.

To continue to put 360 Cookware at the forefront of consumers’ minds as the top brand of cookware products, Uproar knew it needed to show development of more than just cookware, but also gourmet dishes you can make with 360’s products. Using recipes crafted by the 360 Cookware team, Uproar began reaching out to various high level national media outlets to have them published. Placements include Examiner.com, The Daily Meal, Mom Central, Food.com, Epicurious, Yummly, Food52, Food Fanatic, The Food Temptress and more. Uproar also helped 360 Cookware to implement a new program, Pan of the Month Club; which gives consumers the ability to purchase affordable cookware and bakeware at a monthly price. Outreach around 360 Cookware’s monthly subscription garnered the interest of high level bloggers such as Cool Mom Picks.

As the Uproar team continued to build momentum for the 360 brand they began new outreach focused on 360’s American made products and American based facility. The American made angle garnered high-level interest, securing inclusion in several product guides and round-ups on CNN.com, Times Free Press, Bottom Line Personal, Made in USA Challenge, and Made in USA Gift Guide.

The Uproar team began targeting national consumer outlets for opportunities regarding holiday gift guides as well as Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday round-ups. The Uproar team has garnered placements with CNN.com, Brit + Co, Delish, VOGUE, PopSugar, The Gourmet Retailer, SharpHeels.com, MomFuse and The Healthy Voyager. The team also garnered a two-part coverage opportunity with The Food Network in its Gift Guide for Serious Home Cooks and Holiday Gifts for the Baker.

360 Cookware has also been featured in several print magazines including placements in 3 separate issues of O, The Oprah Magazine’s O! List. Uproar aided the 360 team with its inclusion in the December 2015 O! List for Oprah’s Favorite Things issue which garnered widespread online media coverage in The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Gourmet Insider, SheFinds, Amazon, The Shopping Blog, The Orlando Business Journal and many more. Uproar’s continued outreach has also secured print placements in Good Grit Magazine, Southern Bride and Woman’s World.

The team has continued to secure top placements in reputable online outlets such as Good Morning America, The Morning Show – Holiday Segment, The Morning Show – Favorite Things Segment, Bridal Guide, LA Splash and The New York Times, in which 360 was part of a feature business story discussing sustainable kitchens. Uproar also coordinated inclusion of 360’s 1qt. saucepan in Organic Authority’s 2015 Winter Essentials Goodie Box, a prestigious annual gift box put together by the well-known, eco-friendly website. Only 50 of these boxes are available each year.

Uproar also worked with local community organizations that aligned with 360 Cookware’s mission to form partnerships. In May 2015 360 Cookware provided all of the cookware for Florida Hospital’s Gourmet Soiree. Through the event 360 Cookware was able to expose community leaders, chefs and media to its products and brand. In October 2015, Uproar helped 360 take its philanthropic plan national with a Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser, donating 40% of all October profit to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Uproar team secured a feature article on the brand and this philanthropic effort in the Orlando Business Journal.

These continued media relations tactics have garnered attention from well-known nutritionists and chefs across the country as well as buyers from major retail establishments. Uproar continues to foster relationships with well-known consumer outlets and trade media, focusing heavily on the largest and most respected outlets for 360 Cookware coverage. From recipes, to thought leadership, to product features and giveaways, Uproar has continued to establish high-level connections for 360 Cookware with high end Test Kitchen directors and sought after editors in several major publications nationwide.

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