71lbs, a South Florida web start-up, came to Uproar to garner nationwide media attention for its business concept and to be seen as an expert in the shipping and retail industry.

A new service at the time, 71lbs is a business for ecommerce shippers sending large amounts of product through the mail. 71lbs monitors the shipments, making sure they’re delivered on the carriers’ guaranteed time commitment and files claims for you when something goes wrong.

With such a unique business model, Uproar PR devised a plan to target high level business publications. Through pitching major industry publications such as Bloomberg, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, Uproar garnered press coverage that positioned CEO Jose Li as a thought leader in the retail and ecommerce realm. Uproar worked to promote 71lbs unique business model on Varney and Co. of FOX Business with a full feature on the company, as well as industry specific publications such as Right Startups.

Beyond features specifically on the company, Uproar also secured opportunities for Mr. Li to comment on topics relevant in the business world which resulted in coverage in publications such as BusinessNews Daily and World Trade 100.

Uproar successfully established a network of national publications and industry experts engaged in 71lbs to position the company as an expert in its field.

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