Nymi, a Toronto startup changing the role of identity in technology, came to Uproar to launch the world’s first cardiac identification technology for consumers, the Nymi Band. The Nymi Band is a wristband that reads your unique ECG or heartbeat to authenticate and communicate your identity to your devices and world. Uproar has capitalized on the trends of security, biometrics, wearables, contactless payments and Internet of Things to garner interest in this novel device.

As Nymi’s first consumer product, Uproar introduced the Nymi Band to top-tier technology and business journalists, resulting in coverage in more than 250 outlets in the days surrounding the launch of the product in October 2014. Every major technology news site, including TechCrunch, Ars Technica, CNET, GigaOM, and PandoDaily, posted stories introducing the exciting new concept behind the Nymi Band, as well as science publications like Popular Science. The Nymi Band also caught the attention of national business outlets, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Business Insider and Fox Business. Within days of launch, thousands of pre-orders had been placed.

Securing press meetings at top tradeshows such as CES and SXSW has been a huge benefit to Nymi’s campaign, offering the press a first look at the technology in action in 2015. Meetings have resulted in coverage in CNN, TIME, CNBC, Associated Press, Popular Mechanics and Barron’s. Videos of the Nymi Band in use and the authentication process have provided an in-depth look at the technology in Forbes and Bloomberg. Uproar continues to garner leading technology industry and consumer technology coverage about the Nymi Band through new application announcements and positioning Nymi as a thought leader in making your identity more secure yet easily accessed. Outreach around the Nymi Band’s first Bitcoin application resulted in coverage in the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post. Uproar has secured multiple opportunities, including WIRED and ReadWrite around how wearables will impact the workplace and the future of the password to further the understanding of what the Nymi Band will be able to do. The company’s recent Series A announcement garnered the attention of VentureBeat, Forbes, Reuters and VentureWire to name a few.

Spring 2015 Nymi decided to shift its focus to the enterprise as the consumer applications needed more work before bringing the Nymi Band to market. With a successful introduction to the tech world and large foundation of journalists and outlets interested in following Nymi’s journey, Uproar successfully transitioned the shift of Nymi’s audience from consumer to enterprise by strategically planning announcements around Nymi’s pilot programs.

For example, Uproar announced the world’s first biometrically authenticated wearable payment as a result of Nymi’s pilot program with TD Bank and MasterCard. Uproar secured embargoed interest from more than fifteen outlets, and coordinated ten media briefings the week before the announcement went live on August 11. Outreach around the pilot announcement resulted in coverage in major tech and national news outlets including ABC News, CIO, VentureBeat, Tom’s Hardware, Gizmodo, SlashGear and Tech Insider. The same week of the announcement, Nymi did live demos of the authenticated payment with the MasterCard Innovation Truck in Toronto. Uproar garnered local Canadian interest to attend the live demos, which resulted in coverage on CityNews, CTV News, CBC and a live radio interview on GetConnected.

Uproar set a goal to get 30 stories around the world’s first biometrically authenticated wearable payment and almost doubled it, ending with more than 50 stories posting about Nymi’s pilot program.

Uproar used Nymi’s pilot program with Entertech Systems further the push in the enterprise to showcase the Nymi Band’s secure two-factor authentication and how it can unify physical and logical access in the enterprise resulting in coverage on The Wall Street Journal, Mobile ID World, Planet Biometrics, Biometric Update, and ITBusiness.ca. Uproar continues to position Nymi as a leading wearable tech company and expert in biometrics and secure payments which resulted in a contributed article on Fortune and small business commentary on Entrepreneur. Uproar continued to look for timely industry news around enterprise security and found a statistic that stated 27 percent of employees would sell their company password for money. Using this statistic to increase awareness around the need for secure authentication in the enterprise, Uproar secured interviews with TechCrunch and CNBC.

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