Since 2015, Uproar, the healthcare PR agency, has worked with the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center to tell a niche story in a broad way, generating national awareness and establishing strong thought leadership within the industry.

The Nicholson Center is a high-tech medical training and education institute focusing on surgical knowledge and techniques. As this falls under a relatively specific industry, Uproar has been tasked with telling the center’s story inside and outside of the medical sphere throughout the campaign.

To accomplish this, the team has taken this traditional healthcare story, found a tech angle within it, and pitched the Nicholson Center to top-tier national tech reporters to maximize exposure alongside the medical story, essentially doubling opportunities and coverage.

For example, the Nicholson Center’s first research study Uproar promoted to national media was focused on lag time tests in telesurgery, or performing surgery on a patient thousands of miles away. The concept itself is a great story for healthcare, but the team also dove deeper into how telesurgery would be applicable today and what technology it would require. By pulling this tech story from an otherwise highly medical research project, Uproar secured coverage in Popular Mechanics, Engadget, ComputerWorld, TechCrunch, Smashd, Scientific Computing, ZDNet, News-Medical, and Motherboard. Through this coverage, Uproar has firmly established the Nicholson Center as a leader in telesurgery and telehealth as a whole, leading to writers from major outlets consistently reaching out for a commanding source in their articles on the subject. An example is a piece from the Washington Post exploring how faster internet is affecting different industries.

Uproar also started promoting the Nicholson Center’s new robotic curriculum and dome that can be used to train surgeons and has the potential to become a robotic industry standard. The center created a 3D video game helping surgeons play out real-life scenarios in the OR, focused on team training, which Uproar took to a technology and gaming reporter at CNBC, resulting in a feature article.

In between announcements, Uproar continuously focused on this overarching goal by revisiting broader thought leadership topics to make them relevant and maximize previously successful angles, like telesurgery and telehealth. By broadening this into topics like digital health, artificial intelligence, IoT and robotics, the team has kept Dr. Roger Smith, CTO, and the center in general top of mind for several industries.

Utilizing Dr. Smith’s insights into artificial intelligence in the operating room, Uproar secured a contributed article in STAT News, which was also picked up by Yahoo. The team also set up an interview with a writer at Medical Design and Outsourcing, which later resulted in a comprehensive article about the future of surgical robots. Most recently, Uproar secured one of Dr. Smith’s contributed articles about computer-augmented surgeons on The Huffington Post UK. After the team worked with the contributing editor at the site, Roger was officially accepted as a regular contributor for the Huffington Post UK, and can publish his insights into the industry to an audience of 15.92 million at any time.

While focusing on media relations, the healthcare PR agency also developed blog and social media content to ramp up the brand and position the Nicholson Center as a leader in the medical training industry.

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