Synthego, a genomic engineering company developed by two brothers and former SpaceX engineers, came to Uproar PR to help launch their company from stealth mode with a new product line to help scientists complete CRISPR gene editing faster and cheaper. Synthego had been operating for several years, building up its lab and product, and solicited Uproar to make it official and it never slowed down. Since then, regular press coverage played an important role in catapulting them into a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Uproar’s approach focused on reaching biotech and genomic trade publications as well as science and technology reporters at major dailies.

Due to the fact that Synthego’s products and its purpose in the marketplace was difficult to explain to reporters familiar yet not living biotechnology every day, Uproar developed several pitches to reach different audiences, determining the best targets to use scientific language and processes with vs. layperson explanations to gain traction. Target press for the launch announcement focused on biotechnology trade publications as well as national science, technology and business/health reporters to highlight Synthego’s company announcement and its product. As a result of Uproar’s outreach, Synthego was featured in Fierce Biotech, BioIT World, GenomeWeb, BioSpace, Health Medicine Net, News Medical, SynBioBeta, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, and a print issue of BioCentury. Uproar also coordinated an introductory interview with a health and science reporter at The Wall Street Journal, specializing in CRISPR news, who we have routinely come back to with updates and announcements, gauging interest and continuing the conversation.

In 2017, Uproar worked with Synthego to announce the company’s $41M series B funding, including a personal contribution from Jennifer Doudna, one of the key discoverers of CRISPR gene editing. Upon Uproar’s recommendation, Doudna was swayed to comment to press and Uproar secured an exclusive with The New York Times, leading to a feature article the morning of the announcement on their website. Throughout the rest of the week, the typical players picked up the news as well as Reuters, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Xconomy, The Wall Street Journal and Fortune.

From its launch in 2016, Synthego’s products and company rapidly progressed. This quick-pace program resulted in quick turnarounds on pitching, strategy, and articles from the Uproar team and made them regular features in key industry trade: SynBioBeta, BioSpace, BioPharma Dive, GenomeWeb, Bio ITWorld, Lab Manager and GEN. To spice things up in-between announcements, Uproar worked with Synthego to announce its “12 Days of CRISPR” campaign, an educational program offering tools, resources and grants to help researchers conduct CRISPR experiments to keep the trade hungry for news and attract new outlets such as Chemical & Engineering News and BioCoder.

Apart from its own funding, another significant Synthego business announcement Uproar was tasked with promoting was Intel’s first investing into biotechnology, starting with Synthego. Since this news had a heavy bioscience tie, the team focused on securing quality trade coverage, resulting in pieces in GenomeWeb, Frontline Genomics and BioPortfolio, as well as business outlets like Fortune.

In addition to business and biology news, attracting the tech press is a secondary strategy for the brand. Another large push centered around Paul Dabrowski, CEO of Synthego, and his speaking opportunity at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2017. Uproar worked hand-in-hand with both Synthego and the TechCrunch moderator, which in the end, resulted in one video, an article announcing his presence at the show, an article summing up his discussion, as well as several social mentions from TechCrunch, one of the biggest news sites for Synthego as a Silicon Valley-based tech company. Additionally, the news was featured in Engadget, and Synthego was approached by CNBC Squawk Box to have Paul appear on the show.

Uproar has kept Synthego top-of-mind with biotech reporters at daily publications, making introductions for thought leadership topics including the future of CRISPR, a roundup of breakthroughs in 2017, and how the pharma industry will be impacted by CRISPR and drug discovery. These conversations have led to interest and briefings from publications including Singularity Hub, Gizmodo, and Forbes.

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