Mobile app developer, WoofTrax, came to Uproar PR in an effort to obtain local and national coverage profiling the company and its “Walk for a Dog” app. Uproar decided to use company’s recent recognition as “Best Business Act” from the PeaceJam Foundation to create some immediate buzz in the media. Uproar incorporated the recognition with the app’s charitable aspect of giving back to animal shelters worldwide. This approach resonated strongly with animal-focused and local reporters, resulting in coverage in the Fall 2015 edition of The Bark Magazine, The Blot,, Dogster, Bow Wow Times,, Dog’s Best Life, Good Dogs & Co., Dog Paw Post and Pet Friends Magazine. Additionally, Uproar secured local coverage on the Ithaca Journal and NBC 4 Columbus.

With this influx of coverage, the company saw a strong spike in downloads for WoofTrax. The article in The Bark Magazine resulted in nearly 500 app installs in a two-day span, while the NBC 4 segment resulted in 300 downloads in one day. Additionally, the stories on the Dog Paw Post and Dog’s Best Life lead to more than 600 installs.

While looking at pet media, Uproar also looked for an approach that would attract the tech media. Uproar decided to leverage the fitness tracking app’s altruistic twist while still incorporating the charitable aspect. The tech reporters enjoyed the combination of tech and charity, which resulted in coverage on Mac Life, Apple Gazette and Application Magazine. Uproar also secured two articles on in July and September. The Mac Life and Apple Gazette stories resulted in 250 downloads the day it posted.

As Uproar continued to strategize fresh, creative ways to position WoofTrax, the team found relevant holidays build upon. Uproar decided to position WoofTrax’s “Walk for a Dog” app as a great way to celebrate National Mutt Day in July. As a result, WoofTrax saw top-tier placements in Bites @ Animal Planet, Keep the Tail Wagging, This Dog’s Life, The Great and Powerful Oz the Terrier, and Pet Dish Weekly.

Additionally, Uproar focused on outreach to health and fitness writers and outlets leveraging the health benefits WoofTrax’s “Walk for a Dog” app offers for pet owners and their dogs. Uproar secured inclusion in a roundup of top fitness apps on HellaWella, and a roundup of ways to make dog walking more fun on Positively. The Positively story resulted in more than 300 Android app downloads.

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