Courtney Calderon Promoted to Account Manager for Uproar’s Healthcare PR Practice
Written By uproar

Uproar PR is pleased to announce the promotion of Courtney Calderon to account manager for the agency’s healthcare PR team. Since joining Uproar four years ago, Courtney has helped build and maintain the agency’s healthcare track through strategic media relations campaigns and strong results.

In her new role, Courtney is focused on growing the health and medical practice at Uproar to manage multiple teams and guide the overall strategy on each account. Because Courtney started at Uproar as an account coordinator and built her career within the agency, her goal is to help each team member do the same by developing their strengths and finding the growth methods that work best for them.

With a background in freelance writing, Courtney has a passion for telling both tech-focused and human-interest stories. Since joining Uproar, she has had the opportunity to be a part of some truly life-changing products and companies – from discussing opioid addiction in VICE, to telemedicine on Cheddar, to robotic surgery in CNBC. She and her team have worked to find new ways adapt each story to key audiences and deliver consistent results.

Courtney is excited to continue learning something new every day and working with her team members to secure the best possible coverage for their clients.