Uproar PR Announces Emily Kruszewski as Director
Written By uproar

Uproar PR has announced the promotion of Emily Kruszewski to Account Director. Since Emily’s beginning at Uproar, her PR expertise and leadership skills have proved to be invaluable to the agency. She’s brought new ideas and creative concepts to her teams that have resulted in major milestones for our clients and the agency. She is an anchor for the restaurant and lifestyle teams here at Uproar and she continues to work hand-in-hand with her teams to host VIP-style press events and produce dynamic and impactful top tier coverage across the globe.

As an Account Director, Emily will work closely with the agency’s executive team, providing strategy for clients and the agency as a whole. Emily will continue guiding her teams to success and be a motivating force.  She will help each employee grow individually, as well as, on a team basis.

Congratulations Emily!