Paige Thornton Promoted to Account Executive
Written By uproar

As a sign of continued agency growth, Uproar is proud to announce the promotion of Paige Thornton to Account Executive. Paige brings her energy and passion for PR into the Chicago office each and every day.

Paige has shown consistent dedication to her B2B clients, impressing them with incredible coverage each week. As an Assistant Account Executive, Paige learned to build strong relationships with the media and now will continue to develop those leadership skills within the office.

  • Paige’s favorite piece of coverage so far has been from CNET, for her client Aluma Connect.
  • Paige’s favorite memory while at Uproar was the Christmas party because she was finally able to work with everyone from Uproar, in the same office, for a few days.

Congratulations Paige!