January 24, 2019

Introducing Uproar’s Revamped Internship Program

Throughout the second half of 2018, Uproar worked to revamp its existing internship program for Spring 2019. This new program aims to meet the ever-evolving demands from students and Uproar team members, and we’re excited to welcome our first round of interns for 2019.

Uproar’s goal during the revamp process was to make the internship program as beneficial as possible for all parties involved. We wanted students to walk away with working knowledge of the PR and social media industries and portfolio samples to help them excel professionally beyond their time with us. The program provides our teams with an opportunity to grow their management skills, as well as additional assistance and an outside perspective that may spark new and innovative ideas for clients.

Interns will have the chance to follow two different professional tracks:

Public Relations Track

  • PR interns will be given hands-on experience to learn the ins and outs of crafting effective communication campaigns for a wide array of industries. Interns will gain experience drafting compelling content, conducting industry research, contributing to media relations efforts, as well as attending meetings, events and learning sessions.

Social Media Track

  • Social media interns will also be given hands-on experience, however, their time with Uproar will be tailored differently. They will gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes to run social media channels for businesses in different industries. Interns will have the chance to draft original social content, conduct SEO research, monitor social campaign progress, gain professional photo and video shoot experience, as well as become Google Ads certified.

Toward the end of the program, Uproar’s interns will have the opportunity craft a campaign plan for one of their clients. Interns will conduct an agency-wide presentation that will give everyone an overview of the client, as well as discuss media efforts (press release, pitches, target audiences and projected timeline) and share a big idea that will help the client standout.

We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing opportunities this program creates for interns and entry-level team members!

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