Janice Gebhardt Promotes to SAE as part of Uproar’s Growth
Written By uproar

We are excited to announce the promotion of Janice Gebhardt to Senior Account Executive as part of Uproar’s growth.

Janice has grown quickly into a PR pro after just three years at our Chicago office. Her excitement and love of the industry has helped her create strong ties with both the media and her clients.

Janice has impressed her team and clients with her knowledge of the tech world. She has delivered consistent results in both the consumer and B2B industries. In her new role as Senior Account Executive, she will continue to deliver the same fantastic results, while also providing strategic counsel.

  • Janice’s favorite piece of coverage was from USA Today, which featured her client Kuna (a front porch smart security light).
  • Janice’s favorite memory while at Uproar was when she attended the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas for her clients. She loved the experience of meeting reporters she normally pitches on a day-to-day basis, while also spending some quality time with her colleagues from Orlando.

Congrats Janice!