September 7, 2016

Kendall Wayland Featured in CIO

Uproar’s very own Vice President of Operations and Head of Human Resource Department, Kendall Wayland, was featured in a recent article on CIO regarding top tips to better understand millennial managers. The article details the importance of respecting a millennial manger, as they are now the largest generation in the workforce (and something we embrace at Uproar).

“They don’t settle for less than the best in their own performance, so they won’t settle for less than the best from you either.”

The article highlights that millennials have a strong work-life balance and are therefore sensitive to a flexible schedule. They also understand the necessity of maintaining a healthy personal life outside of the office.

“Social media and the general news cycle is a 24/7 occurrence, meaning that it’s much easier for personal lives to creep into the workplace more often. This poses a challenge of making sure employees are staying on track, but also having the flexibility to use this constant feed of information to stay connected.”

Check out the full article (here) to learn why Kendall believes that with millennials, companies can expect a culture that encourages and fosters the growth and collaboration of their team.

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