June 29, 2017

Company Culture Impacts Success

It’s no secret that we’re big on company culture, but how did we get there? Mike Harris, COO and Co-Founder, was recently able to share his insights with Agility PR Solutions on how to make a truly successful hire.

Hire for Culture

At the beginning, Uproar tried to hire for experience rather than someone who “fit” the mold of the team. This failed nearly every time. Now, Uproar focuses on finding a hard-working individual who will mesh well with not only their coworkers, but Uproar’s overall vision. The strategy now remains “culture first, experience second.”

Minimize Turnover

Keep work fun! Here at Uproar, quarterly rewards (like spa days and mixology classes) and a fully stocked snack bar keep employees happy, fueled and engaged. Furthermore, Uproar’s new Orlando office space encourages open communication, creativity and strong teamwork.

There’s a reason why Uproar has nearly doubled in growth each year since our opening in 2011. Company culture is truly one of the most crucial components to a successful business.

Read the rest of Mike’s advice on company culture here.

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