September 21, 2020

It is Personal: Implementing a Personal Development Program at Uproar PR

It’s no secret that investing in the company culture and professional development of employees is a valuable way to decrease turnover and increase employee satisfaction and motivation. There is, however, another side of this equation: personal development. Full-time employees often have a hard time fitting this into their schedule on their own and taking the initiative to provide these experiences is sure to show how much you appreciate their hard work.

Armed with this knowledge, Uproar has created a personal development seminar series that we like to call “Something to Chew On”. Once a month we invite an expert in to chat with our staff over lunch (hence the name) about things they may not have time to delve into on their own. Past guests have included a nutritionist that spoke about healthy eating, a fitness coach that talked about how to stay fit, a mental health professional that focused on wellness and a real estate agent that shared the secret to buying your first home. For our next guest, we are planning to have a productivity and organization coach join us. Topics like these help employees to be successful in their personal lives, which oftentimes leads to success at work.

We do our best to bring in professionals that can help better our staff’s lives in practical ways. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the company culture and we regularly have a full room for these events. Implementing a program like this has also allowed us to facilitate face time amongst our staff, which is a valuable commodity in the age of Covid-19.

The most important thing to remember when creating a series like this for your employees is to keep the topics fun and creative. The outcome will be happier, healthier and more engaged employees. What company couldn’t benefit from that!

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