Does My Business Need A PR Firm?
Written By uproar

How do you know when your business needs public relations support? There are many factors to consider when determining if you need to hire a PR firm, but the time is generally right if one, several or all of the factors outlined below apply to your business:

You need help defining/refining your messaging

In order for key audiences to get excited about your brand, they need to understand it first. A PR firm can help you define your mission, vision and goals in a clear and compelling way. The exercise of developing key messages for your brand will help tell a consistent and relevant company story that can be leveraged in a variety of communications vehicles such as mission statements, elevator pitches, company backgrounders and other content.

You want to build brand recognition

This is a process that involves repetitive exposure and building a connection between your company and its customers. A PR firm can help monitor your brand presence in the media and advise you on improving brand perception. PR support can also establish and maintain relationships with media and influencers to generate new opportunities to tell your brand’s story and insert your company in media conversations about larger industry trends.

You want to attract investors

VCs and investors are more likely to have interest in a company that has already gained some traction and visibility in the market. A PR firm can help your company attract the attention of the investment community through the development of a strategic campaign aimed at positioning your company as an industry expert and maintaining a consistent media presence for your brand.

You want to generate new business leads

Potential customers want to verify that your company is current and newsworthy and that you are an expert in your industry. A strategic PR campaign can function as a lead generation and customer acquisition strategy by elevating your company in front of prospects who are in the market to buy.

You are a startup

Start-ups typically have little to no brand awareness and need help rising above the noise and building brand reputation from the ground up. A PR campaign can help your startup define messaging, and develop a clear, concise narrative that introduces your company to media, prospects, investors and partners.

You need help with crisis management

While you never want to be in one, it is important for your business to be prepared for any form of crisis. With the 24/7 news cycle and potential for news to go viral in a blink of an eye, organizations need to be ready to respond to any PR crisis quickly and efficiently with a crisis management plan. A PR firm can help your company develop a comprehensive, actionable PR plan to manage the crisis and guide your response every step of the way to protect and defend your brand’s image.

You want to establish/boost your social media presence

Social media is a brand asset. PR support can help you leverage this asset and achieve an active, thriving social media presence. This support can also help you develop a clear and compelling brand identity articulated through a mix of multi-media content that tells a cohesive story on your social platforms.

If your business has any of these needs, it is time to hire a PR firm with extensive experience developing custom public relations programs that can deliver results.

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