March 27, 2017

The Final Four Examples of Maintaining an Award-Winning Company Culture

Over the past few years, company culture has become one of the most important job benefits. According to Deloitte University Press, HR leaders consider culture and engagement their number one challenge. It’s evident that in order to attract, retain and engage today’s millennial workforce, there needs to be a major focus on company culture.

For the second year in a row, Uproar PR was named a Top Company Culture winner by Entrepreneur Magazine and is both the top Chicago company and the top PR agency recognized. As a culture-driven company, and in the spirit of March Madness, here are the Final Four examples from Uproar PR on how to develop and maintain a strong company culture.

Celebrate the W’s

Always take the time to celebrate your wins! Whether it’s landing a client on a national TV show, winning a company award or coming back from a successful tradeshow, it’s important to take the time to recognize both team and individual successes. Celebrating the wins reenergizes the team and can ultimately lead to better workflow and teamwork. To reward employees for their hard work in meeting quarterly goals, Uproar hosts spa days, mixology classes and other activities so the office can relax and enjoy the success we’ve created together as a company.

Encourage health and wellness

Whether your employees go to fitness classes together or take advantage of other perks like health club credits, healthy employees are vital to a healthy culture. At Uproar, we implemented a policy that allows employees to come in late or leave early (so long as they make up the time!) so they can make their favorite workout classes or visit a doctor without feeling like they must rush. Employees also have the freedom to plan group outings to try out various fitness classes together and bond over sweating together. We all know that employees who sweat together, stay together.

Make teamwork a priority

Don’t just talk about teamwork – show your employees how committed you are to cultivating strong relationships by giving teams and individuals the authority to make their own decisions and collaborate with informal teams. Uproar encourages employees to hold office-wide brainstorms and holds daily meetings between managers to give teams a chance to collaborate and work through issues together out loud. We have the fundamental belief that many heads are better than one. 

Encourage continued growth

Uproar encourages its employees to grow on a personal and professional level. Managers frequently ask junior employees what type of work they want to be doing, where they want to improve and even what type of industries they’re most interested in to help them set and achieve goals. At each level, from entry-level to account managers, Uproar hosts book clubs so employees develop a deeper understanding of their responsibilities as well as gain insight into how they can grow into their career. Make room for your employees to focus on what they love doing and do what you can to make them even better at it. Bringing them deep personal satisfaction will help with serving clients and growing your business in the long run.

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