October 29, 2020

Four Methods of Combining Forces for the Best Client Experience

It’s no secret that social media has disrupted traditional media relations practices. A Georgetown University article explains that “PR must evolve so synergy is maintained, and companies can maximize on the huge rewards presented by integrating social media into media strategy”.

When clients select us as their public relations agency, they are equipped with a comprehensive marketing and communications firm, complete with a robust team of members on both the media relations and the digital management side. The integrated teams work together to drive awareness, quality business leads and conversions for clients.

Here are four ways we operate in tandem to create optimal public relations results:

1. Monitoring for Trends

We are constantly monitoring news alerts and social media channels for trends and stories that the team can utilize in media pitching, content creation and digital advertising. These integrated efforts ensure clients are tied to current stories, which highlights their relevancy and expertise, ultimately resulting in coverage, social media shares and new business leads.

2. Lending a Helping Hand

The integrated teams work to craft and implement strategy amplifying brand messaging across media outlets and digital platforms. When a crisis communications plan is needed to be put in place, the team doesn’t skip a beat in drafting a smart plan of action, including associated digital messaging. If a client requests guidance on social media platforms or is looking to begin digital advertising, our team is quick to provide recommendations and implementations.

3. Combining Content Creation

With many clients signed on for content creation, the teams work in tandem to spot industry trends, current events and relevant articles to showcase a brand’s expertise and thought leadership through social media copy, blog posts and website optimization. By working cohesively, media pitching is aligned with stories told on digital, creating an integrated public relations strategy.

4. Brainstorm. Brainstorm.

Our teams have the ultimate goal of growing our clients’ brands through media and digital coverage. To drive placements, our teams work together to brainstorm unique angles, big ideas and collaboration opportunities to help amplify client stories in a fresh way.

We prioritize teamwork and collaboration to drive optimal results for clients. Interested in learning more about our integrated public relations campaigns? Contact us!

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