June 1, 2012

What’s In Her Bag: Catriona Harris

Occupation: Partner and Co-Founder at Uproar PR

Where can we find you online? @CatrionaHarris

When it comes to toting things around in your purse, it’s important to carry what is useful and necessary and ditch the rest – a lesson many busy businesswomen learn over time. Catriona Harris, partner and co-founder of Uproar PR, wears many hats throughout the day. When she’s not running around to meet clients or handling the nuisances of the workplace, she’s taking her two young daughters to swim lessons or meeting a girlfriend for drinks. Her supplies are diverse and each holds a multi purpose.

Here’s a description of some of the items you see above that are essential to her daily regimen…

Buddy Fruit fruit snack: “When I go to the gym straight from work, it’s nice to have a healthy snack that won’t weigh me down. Buddy Fruits are a great pick me up and don’t have to be refrigerated. What’s even better is both my kids and I love them!”

iPhone: What did we do before iPhones?

Silly Lips natural lips balm: A girl on the go sometimes needs a little product to spice up her beauty routine. “I love these natural lip balms because of their hydrating texture and silky consistency. They also go great over lipstick for added shine.”

Business cards: “You never know when you’re going to need a business card. The last thing you want to do when you meet a prospective client is write you number down on a napkin and say call me.”

Pen: You should never go anywhere without a pen.

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