November 16, 2022

Uproar PR’s Expertise in the Wellness and Recovery Industries is Highlighted with Latest Client Addition

HydroMassage joins Uproar’s roster of health and wellness clients, seeking elevated brand awareness around its line of relax and recovery products

Uproar PR, a forward-thinking, award-winning public relations agency that offers media relations, thought leadership, digital and influencer services to clients globally, today announces the addition of HydroMassage to its growing client portfolio. HydroMassage has named Uproar PR as its first-ever agency of record after 30+ years in the industry, looking to build a stronger brand identity and be placed in front of the right audiences. With years of experience creating campaigns that yielded brand awareness, company growth and generated sales, HydroMassage saw the value that Uproar could bring to a company like theirs.

While servicing clients across an array of industries, Uproar’s success delivering impactful campaigns in the wellness and recovery industry specifically has been apparent since day one – helping clients in this space grow from startups to multi-million dollar brands with global recognition. Uproar has worked with percussive therapy, reflex training, sports technology, home healthcare and general recovery brands from around the world and continues to dominate this market because of the team’s deep knowledge and passion for these clients.

HydroMassage, an industry-leading wellness brand that provides world-class physical and mental recovery technology to fitness centers, spas, chiropractic offices, hotels, and more, is partnering with Uproar to generate brand awareness ahead of upcoming product launches and a company rebrand. With Uproar’s track record of working with an extensive list of recovery, wellness and health tech clients, the new partnership between the two companies was a natural fit.

“The wellness industry has been booming in recent years, and with that comes immense competition, making it harder for brands to stand out – that’s where we come in,” said Catriona Harris, CEO of Uproar PR. “Uproar has an innovative team with years of experience gaining significant traction for clients in the health and wellness industries. HydroMassage is a brand with a unique and modern approach to recovery, and with our promise to deliver results, our team will ensure HydroMassage is placed in front of the right audiences.”

HydroMassage is one of many sports, fitness, wellness and health technology companies that have turned to Uproar to tell their stories in ways that not only enhance their brand but generate leads and sales. Uproar works with these companies, securing earned media coverage in outlets like TechCrunch, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, T3, SportTechie, Forbes, CBS Sports, GOLF magazine, Fox Sports, PopSugar, Women’s Health and others.

“The momentum and activity levels we’re seeing in the wellness and recovery space is remarkable,” said Kevin Conaway, HydroMassage President. “Whether you’re speaking with health and wellness businesses, architects, consultants, or even reading industry publications, the increased awareness and demand for self-care is evident across the board. Seeing that shift, we made the decision to increase our R&D investment in recent years, and ultimately created a full suite of innovative, experiential wellness products that we’re introducing now. This is why we’re excited to partner with a firm like Uproar, as we see a great opportunity to share a really timely and compelling story.”

The partnership will be mutually beneficial as HydroMassage will further solidify Uproar as a go-to PR agency for brands in similar wellness industries. Uproar sets itself apart from other agencies by offering experts that know the ins and outs of the industry and have existing relationships with relevant reporters. After shifting its workforce to be fully remote, Uproar has been able to tap into talent across 16 states, giving clients a more comprehensive and diverse group of team leads.

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