June 30, 2021

Uproar PR Expands B2B Division with Vector and HiOperator

Award-winning PR firm adds two B2B clients focused on digitizing the logistics industry and helping companies scale customer service through AI and human empathy

Uproar PR welcomed two new B2B clients: Vector, a software company digitizing logistics with a self-service pickup and delivery platform that integrates electronic bills of lading for smart facilities and connected yards to increase supply chain efficiency, and HiOperator, a scalable customer service-as-a-service solution that combines AI technology with human interaction and empathy to help businesses augment and improve their customer service.

Leveraging its expertise with B2B PR strategies and strong relationships with national, technology and logistics reporters, Uproar PR will drive growth, increase brand recognition and position Vector and HiOperator as industry leaders through results-driven media relations campaigns.

“Although both of these companies are considered to be in the broader tech industry, they’ve thoughtfully integrated an important ‘human’ aspect into their cloud-based solutions,” said Sara Wynne, Uproar Vice President of Client Services. “We are excited to dig deeper into their unique services and differentiators from competitors to create impactful stories that position key executives as innovative leaders within their respective industries and really showcase each value proposition.”

Vector’s logistics solutions made a significant impact during COVID by integrating safe, contactless experiences for shippers, carriers, 3PLs and receivers throughout the freight’s chain of custody. The results customers achieved included faster turnaround times, a shift from manned to unmanned gates, elimination of paper, efficiency gains in the field and the back office as well as improved visibility. Although digital and contactless, Vector platforms are never without human interaction, offering a robust customer success and continuous support program for rapid onboarding that significantly reduces enterprises total cost of ownership.

“When COVID hit, our contactless solution helped add a level of safety to the industry. Now that same solution is helping companies increase efficiency, visibility and support our customers’ sustainability efforts,” said Will Chu, Vector CEO and Co-founder. “We want to capitalize on the momentum we’re seeing with customers and our industry as a whole with Uproar, whose reputation for garnering top-tier coverage is exactly what we need right now to continue our growth.”

HiOperator is a complete customer service-as-a-service solution that allows businesses to handle service tickets faster and more accurately, and contributes its success to the company’s unique combination of AI technology and highly empathic, US-based customer service agents. HiOperator’s AI segments customer tickets to process claims, while a human agent ensures everything is correct before sending a personalized response. With AI as part of the solution, one customer service representative is five times more efficient – a unique advantage that businesses are looking for to combat the high attrition and absenteeism rates with traditional customer service agents in the current hiring landscape.

“We not only offer a unique and cost competitive business solution in a crowded industry, but we’re also helping businesses actually hit customer service capacity targets right now,” said Founder and HiOperator CEO, Liz Tsai. “It’s not just run-of-the-mill customer service or call-center solutions, and Uproar really showcased an understanding of our product and services from our very first conversation together. We ultimately chose Uproar because they came out of the gate with such a strong PR plan that focused on quickly garnering earned media to capitalize on our business success, while strategically targeting potential customers through industry verticals we see potential with to drive business this year.”

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