October 13, 2015

We Are Wearables Chicago Highlights Sports Technology

Chicago Wearable Tech Event Hosted by Uproar PR and 1871 Showcases How Tech Can Improve Athletic Training and Performance and Even Mitigate the Risk of Injury

Uproar PR, along with We Are Wearables and 1871, announces the theme for tonight’s Chicago event — Changing the Game of Sports with Wearable Tech. The evening will focus on how wearables are changing the sports industry, giving athletes access to everything from data and tools for improved performance to injury risk assessments.

The event will feature presentations from Catapult, the global leader in athlete analytics, Milestone Sports, a leading sports tech company connecting retailers and brands with consumers through a wearable-driven platform, and ShotTracker, a wearable system that boosts basketball players’ performance by measuring shot attempts, makes and misses. Following the presentations, We Are Wearables founder Tom Emrich will moderate a panel discussion with Boden Westover, Director of Marketing at Catapult, Davyeon Ross, COO/Co-founder of ShotTracker, Lori Gery, CMO of ShotTracker, Steve Suydam, PhD, Director of Research for Milestone Sports, and Nathan Wojtkiewicz, Co-founder of Swingbyte, a technology that provides golf swing analysis on your smartphone or tablet. The panel will discuss the impact of wearables on sports, both professional and amateur, with a focus on how wearables are impacting training and performance.

“The Uproar PR team is particularly excited for the even this month — we work with a number of companies in sports tech, including ShotTracker,” said Tory Patrick, VP at Uproar PR and co-organizer of the event. “Uproar’s vast experience with sports tech companies also includes performance tracking devices and wearable smart clothes. We are looking forward to hearing the panelists discuss the future of wearable tech within sports — the potential is unlimited at this stage in the game.”

Uproar’s success and proven experience working in the wearable tech industry, as well as its involvement with the We Are Wearables Chicago events, has established the agency as a leader in this dynamic and ever-evolving space. In addition to ShotTracker and Milestone Sports, Uproar also works with sports wearable companies Mio, Sensoria Fitness, and Equisense.

Following the panel, all attendees are invited to the demo area to experience products from Catapult, ShotTracker, Milestone Sports, Swingbyte and TRAC firsthand, as well as to chat one-on-one with the creators. Pizza and beer also available during the networking/demos.

We Are Wearables Chicago will be held tonight, Tuesday, October 13, 2015, at 1871 (222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212). Doors open at 6 pm. To register for the event, visit http://www.meetup.com/We-Are-Wearables-Chicago/events/225372296/

For more information, visit the We Are Wearables Chicago page and follow @WeAreWearables and #WWCHI on Twitter.

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