August 10, 2020

The Business Imperative of PR for Professional Service Firms

Professional services companies today face a host of challenges not the least of which is a very crowded and competitive landscape that makes it difficult to establish differentiation and get their stories heard. A strategic public relations (PR) program can help professional service firms build their brand credibility and visibility to create marketplace differentiation and drive more revenue.

PR for Professional Service Firms:

Some of the strategies PR pros like Uproar use to help professional services companies maximize their business potential include:

Brand building:

Professional service firms live and die by their reputations. A company’s brand is the outward manifestation of their reputation. As such, it is important for professional services companies to build their brand in a way that creates compelling impressions designed to build and sustain goodwill with their target audiences.

Public relations pros can help professional services firms build differentiated brands that establish trust and credibility. To achieve this, Uproar partners with professional service clients to define their core mission, vision and goals in a compelling way that resonates with key audiences. This includes the development of key messages and strategic narratives that help them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Media Relations:

For professional service companies, trust and credibility are key drivers for retaining and attracting new clients. Earned media is one strategy that can build credibility for professional service firms and expose them to new audiences. Uproar mines and develops core messaging, themes and narratives for professional service clients in order to create compelling stories that drive media coverage and build third-party credibility.

Thought leadership:

Expertise is what attracts new clients and fuels the success of any professional service firm. A thought leadership platform that inserts firm principals into industry conversations and elevates visibility of this expertise is a key part of PR for professional service firms. Uproar develops thought leadership platforms designed to position professional service firm principals as industry-leading go-to experts. This boosts the visibility of firm practices and specializations while elevating a firm’s reputation.

Content marketing:

Another way PR can put a spotlight on a firm’s market leadership is through the development of content that demonstrates industry authority and expertise in blog posts, social media posts and video content. These and other owned content vehicles such as case studies, white papers and web content are all opportunities Uproar uses to develop strong, consistent brand messaging that digitally lives on and drives leads for professional services firms.

Social media:

In today’s digital world, social media strategies are key for any industry including professional services. Social proof is critical for professional services businesses who rely on word of mouth and referrals to help drive business. Building a social community can help professional services firms engage with key stakeholders and take control of reputation management (online reviews and testimonials). Content strategies for LinkedIn (a top business social platform) are particularly important for professional service firms. This platform allows businesses to build their social presence and share their insights and expertise. Uproar’s digital expertise extends to all platforms. The firm is well versed in the art of helping professional services companies create engaging content that effectively amplifies key messages directly to target audiences.

PR has become a business imperative for professional service firms to help them sustain consistent revenue growth and profitability in a crowded marketplace. Uproar develops strategic public relations campaigns for professional service firms to elevate their market position and support their growth goals.

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