Case Study: Arthur

Uproar Invites Media into the Metaverse to Increase Brand Awareness for Arthur

ArthurArthur needed consistent VR, tech, and national business coverage to increase brand awareness and capitalize on the need for hybrid and remote enterprise solutions.

Our Approach

Uproar used a variety of key tactics to attract Arthur’s desired audience through media relations and thought leadership, including:

  • Inviting media to experience Arthur in VR and meet with Arthur’s CEO in a virtual office
  • Balancing company news and platform updates with expert commentary around the future of workplace collaboration trends to keep Arthur’s CEO top of mind for tech and business media
  • Drafting strategic award applications and speaking proposals to boost credibility of Arthur and validate its VR solution among existing and potential enterprise partners


Having relationships with media is key to jumpstarting a PR campaign for any client. Uproar utilized its strong relationships with tech and VR media to introduce Arthur’s VR office solution and coordinate introductory briefings with publications, like CNET, IDC and AR Post. Uproar also created news around exciting updates to the platform to help differentiate Arthur from its competitors, resulting in coverage in key VR publications, including VRFocus, Skarred Ghost, Auganix, VR Source and VRWorldTech. Following the national news cycle closely around companies transitioning to remote or hybrid workplaces, Uproar coordinated an interview with Bloomberg to position Arthur’s CEO as an expert source for commentary around this trend and secured commentary in ComputerWorld and VentureBeat.

Building on the media recognition, Uproar coordinated a press conference in VR (Arthur) where more than 25 journalists experienced the VR platform first-hand and explored the virtual offices, auditoriums and picturesque landscapes Arthur offers. Uproar is constantly brainstorming creative ways to strengthen relationships with media on behalf of our clients, and this idea ensured media got a first-hand look at the VR platform and new features, instead of just another press release. Uproar continued this tactic of inviting top-tier media to interview Arthur’s CEO in VR (Arthur) and demo the platform, which led to an in-depth feature in Forbes.

Arthur in Forbes

Uproar worked closely with Arthur’s CEO to secure speaking engagements, podcast interviews and awards. Arthur placed as a finalist for AIXR’s VR Awards, and the CEO was selected as a speaker for the Global XR Conference and panelist for CES 2022 to discuss trends in the metaverse.

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