Case Study: Mio

Uproar & Mio Global Launch New Fitness Metric to Consumers

MioMio Global needed consistent consumer tech and lifestyle coverage to drive sales and educate consumers on a new metric for fitness beyond step counting.

Our Approach

Uproar used a variety of key tactics to attract Mio Global’s desired audience through media relations, including:

  • Aligning each wearable with its target audience – performance athlete vs. average consumer – to maximize press coverage for the full product line
  • Timing the launch of PAI and Mio SLICE with CES to secure a wave of coverage with top tier consumer tech publications, and hand delivering the product to media the following CES when it became available to consumers
  • Coordinating product reviews to validate the new fitness metric/technology among consumer tech and lifestyle media and drive consumer purchasing decisions


Timing is everything with a product launch, and Uproar successfully timed the launch of Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) – a new metric that translates heart rate data into a simple, meaningful score, and SLICE at CES. Uproar worked months in advance to educate the media on this new concept of activity tracking and secured in-person meetings at the trade show to demo the technology and ensure Mio Global dominated the fitness wearable conversation around CES.

USA Today, CNET, Digital Trends, Tom’s Guide, PC Mag, Men’s Health, and The Verge raved about the potential health benefits of a fitness metric that tracks heart rate and personal data beyond step counting. PC Mag also named SLICE “Best Health Wearable” at CES and The Huffington Post listed it among the best tech gadgets at CES. This was Mio’s first major product unveil in some time, so the awareness garnered through coverage created a lot of buzz and attention for the brand.

Weeks after CES, Uproar was able to secure an amazing piece on The Wall Street Journal (online, print and video) that praised Mio’s heart rate technology and explained the science behind PAI, alongside the personal tech columnist’s positive product review. The headline – Stop Counting 10,000 Steps; Check Your Personal Activity Intelligence, really put PAI on the map for consumers to consider a new metric amid their new year fitness goals. To further validate the scientific evidence behind the new heart rate technology, Uproar secured a four-page spread in Men’s Fitness around ways to lower your fitness age with the researcher and professor that created the PAI Score.

In order to create a big splash around the availability of SLICE and PAI to consumers, Uproar strategically planned to hand deliver the first round of review units at CES (the following year), which resulted in multiple press meetings and top-tier coverage in CNET, Digital Trends, Engadget, Men’s Health, PC Mag, TechRadar, The Verge, Tom’s Guide, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wareable, Women’s Health. Mio also won Women’s Health Editor’s Choice Award CES as a result of a live interview that Uproar secured at the show, and Men’s Journal included SLICE among the best fitness trackers in its Gear Lab special issue. In the months following CES, Uproar secured SLICE product reviews and positive articles on PAI with Business Insider, The Los Angeles Times, Ars Technica, Good Morning San Diego, News 12 Connecticut, Outside Magazine, PCMag, The Active Times, Tom’s Guide, TechRadar, and Wareable. As a result of consistent top-tier coverage, Mio Global was able to secure product in stores and online at Target, and secure interest with BestBuy.

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