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Uproar Validates Rapsodo as the Industry Leader in Sports Technology and Analysis


Our Approach

Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches to analyze and improve their game at a cost-effective price. Founded in 2010, the company developed the first affordable golf personal launch monitor, and moved into the baseball market in 2016 with its Hitting and Pitching Monitors.

Since 2018, Uproar has put Rapsodo in front of top sports industry leaders by garnering coverage in national, local, and trade publications. Rapsodo continues to focus on delivering a variety of sport training and simulation technologies, and is utilizing Uproar to help announce these new upgrades and launches to the public.


Baseball Announcements and Partnerships

TechCrunch       Digital Trends

Uproar worked closely with the Rapsodo team to announce their second iteration of the hitting and pitching monitors, along with subsequent announcements for their baseball products. Over the years, Uproar has built relationships with reporters across this industry and continues to offer new angles, content and interview opportunities to keep Rapsodo in the baseball news cycle consistently. Top coverage includes TechCrunch, Fast Company, Forbes, CBS Sports, SportTechie, The Ringer, Sports Illustrated, Digital Trends and USA Today. Uproar also worked with Rapsodo and White Sox pitcher Liam Hendriks to secure a print and online feature with Inside Pitch Magazine on the impact of Rapsodo technology in the MLB. Rapsodo has become a thought leader in the sports technology industry and Uproar works to continually position at the front of these conversations. Recent interviews include The Athletic, FUTRSPRT Podcast, and Baseball Bluebook Podcast.

Softball Announcements and Partnerships

In an effort to better educate the softball community on the importance of data, and the benefits it can bring for professional development and recruitment, Rapsodo partnered with Olympian, Rachel Garcia and NCAA collegiate athletes, Elizabeth Hightower and Tiare Jennings. Uproar worked with the team to drive awareness of these partnerships and present Rapsodo as a leader in data-driven sports technology. Uproar secured coverage in SportTechie, Team Insight Magazine and more.

Golf – Mobile Launch Monitor

In July 2019, Rapsodo announced its product – the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM). To garner coverage and enhance brand awareness, Uproar worked to identify key reporters and influencers in the golf industry to seed product and offer interviews. This resulted in feature reviews, inclusion in roundups and influencer partnerships.

Top coverage has been seen in golf trades and lifestyle publications such as Associated Press, BGR, Heavy., Newsweek, CBS News, Golf Digest, Links Magazine, T3, Town & Country and much more. Most recently, the MLM was named Golf Monthly’s favorite budget monitor of 2023.

Through Uproar’s golf efforts and resulting coverage, Rapsodo has consistently exceeded its sales goals year-after-year.

Golf – Mobile Launch Monitor 2 Pro

In January 2023, Rapsodo announced its newest product – the Mobile Launch Monitor 2 Pro (MLM2PRO). Uproar worked with the Rapsodo team to develop an announcement strategy, ensuring we connected with key golf reporters. The announcement went live at the 2023 PGA Show and resulted in product roundups, interviews and features, ultimately setting their team up for a successful pre-order sale that sold out within hours.

Top coverage has been seen in Sports Illustrated, My Golf Spy, Golf Digest, Esquire, PGA Magazine, Forbes, Sports Business Journal and GolfWRX. The MLM2PRO was also recently named an Editor’s Choice Award winner with Golf Monthly.

Deals and Gift Guides

In order to spike website traffic and assist with MLM sales, Uproar drafts unique pitching angles to garner gift guide inclusions. Uproar has secured gift guide media coverage including stories in Men’s Health, Esquire, Forbes, CBS Sports, Men’s Journal, PGA Tour, Golf Monthly, NBC: Golf Pass, USA Today: Golfweek, NewsWeek, Golficity, GOLF Magazine and more. Each holiday season, Rapsodo has seen consistent spikes in MLM purchases and exceeded their sales goals.

To capitalize on promotions including Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, the Uproar team works closely with reporters and influencers to promote the MLM, help drive sales and boost brand awareness. Through outreach, Uproar secured coverage in outlets such as CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, NY Post, BGR, Heavy, GOLF, My Golf Spy, Newsweek, Golf Digest, Golf Advisor and Hunker.

Virtual Training

Due to COVID-19 effecting MLB seasons and in-person golf lessons, Uproar shifted the conversation to show how Rapsodo MLB pro-staffers were maintaining their skill sets by practicing at home, while MLM users took to virtual and independent learning. Uproar leveraged Rapsodo’s presence across the baseball and golf industries through its innovative analytics, demonstrating the use of its products for virtual training.

In doing so, Uproar secured inclusions in Business Insider and Bloomberg, which highlighted Rapsodo’s virtual coaching software Coach Connect on the MLM. Additionally, the team targeted major local markets – offering athletes like Kris Bryant, Deck McGuire and Ryan Helsley as examples of MLB players training with Rapsodo virtually. Top hits include Ballpark Digest, SB Nation: Beyond the Boxscore, and The Chicago Tribune which was syndicated to MSN and CBS Sports.

Thought Leadership, Podcasts and Trade Shows

In February of 2022, Uproar secured an online and print feature highlighting Rapsodo’s recent developments and plans for growth in the local St. Louis Business Journal. This feature was used to reach the community at a time when Rapsodo was growing and seeking new talent to join the team. Not only did this help with brand awareness, but it doubled as a marketing and advertising tactic to recruit potential new hires. Since then, Uproar secured a TV interview with daily lifestyle show, Show Me St. Louis, highlighting Rapsodo’s success as a St. Louis based company. Rapsodo has also been featured in podcasts to discuss the sports technology industry and their impact in their field. Examples include the Golf Smarter Podcast, FutrSprt Podcast, the GoForth and Golf Podcast and a feature on Golf News Net Radio.

In January 2020, Uproar successfully positioned Rapsodo at the PGA Merchandise Show by identifying a targeted list of reporters attending. As a result of the coordinated outreach, Uproar secured a total of 21 meetings with reporters and influencers, which continued to produce coverage content and resulted in lasting relationships with reporters.

In January 2023, Rapsodo returned to the PGA Show to announce the launch of their newest product, the MLM2PRO. Through our outreach efforts, Uproar secured 18 pieces of coverage that reached an estimated audience of 71.6M people. At the show, Rapsodo won both a My Golf Spy Best of Show Award and ING Award in product ingenuity.


As a continued effort throughout the campaign, Uproar identifies and submits awards that would be a fit for Rapsodo and its products. Uproar landed Rapsodo on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list in both their first year applying, 2021, and their second year, 2022, to see consecutive wins. Other top wins include: 2023 Fire Award, 2023 Golf Monthly Best Portable Launch Monitor, 2023 Today’s Golfer Best Golf Training Aids, My Golf Spy’s 2022 Best of Golf Awards, Golf Digest Editors’ Choice 2020 Awards, Golf Digest Editor’s Choice 2021 Awards, My Golf Spy’s 59 Awards, Golf Aficionado’s Best Golf Product of 2020, My Golf Spy’s Best Personal Launch Monitors of 2021, My Golf Spy’s 2023 PGA Best of Show Award, and the ING Industry Honors Award twice. In addition to golf awards, Uproar was also able to land a Baseball win in the Best of Biz Awards 2019 as Rapsodo’s Pitching Monitor 2.0 won the gold award for “Best New Version of the Year.”

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