Case Study: Rapsodo

Rapsodo Hits a Home Run in the Sports Industry


Our Approach

Rapsodo and Trajekt are well-known companies across the sports industry and wanted to make a splash in generating brand recognition on a larger scale. As part of the partnership, the two companies developed an advanced, real-time API allowing instantaneous communication between their existing products – the Rapsodo PRO 3.0 and Trajekt Arc. Together, the products provide baseball hitters with replicated pitches and metric outcomes to allow for a more thorough and precise hitting practice.

Given the technical side of this partnership, the team’s goal was to see targeted stories in tier-1 tech publications as a way to educate industry readers on the intricacies of the partnership. Utilizing spokespersons from both Rapsodo and Trajekt, Uproar saw through interviews that helped build out several feature stories.



Digital Trends

Sports Business Journal

tech times


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