Case Study: Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT)

Brand Awareness of the EEASY Lid Lands CCT Key Partnership


Our Approach

Uproar works to establish CCT as an innovative company with the revolutionary EEASY Lid through earned media in trade verticals. Uproar maintains a focus on reaching decision makers at grocers and CPG companies in the United States and Europe.

Uproar developed the following strategies to help gain brand recognition and position CCT as an industry leader:

  • Leverage the history of jar lid innovation
  • Utilize CCT’s founding story to garner interest
  • Distribute samples to media
  • Tailor media outreach to CCT’s three main audiences – manufacturers, grocers and consumers

Through the use of these strategies, Uproar was able successfully launch the company and continues to elevate CCT’s brand.


Looking to create brand awareness and increase partnerships, Uproar conducted a successful launch, resulting in multiple pieces of top-tier coverage and interest from potential partners. Since the launch, the team has continued to deliver consistent results, successfully positioning CCT as thought leaders in packaging innovation.

One of Uproar’s notable accomplishments include landing interview interest and national coverage in Forbes. In the article, the reporter highlights the EEASY Lid as an accessible product, touching on the need for more accessible packaging.

The team has also secured interviews and coverage in leading packaging, food and beverage trade outlets, one of those being Food Navigator. The publication posted an in-depth article explaining why the lid was created and highlighted the intensive manufacturing process it took to get there. Food Navigator also included the article in its daily newsletter. The day the newsletter went out, CCT saw a spike in its website traffic, with views jumping to over 400 per day.

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