Case Study: Stax by Fattmerchant

Strategic Campaigns Quickly Position Stax as the Leading Payment Merchant in US

As a start-up company in the Central Florida area, Stax needed to be quickly positioned and heard in a noisy tech space.

Our Approach

In its long-term relationship with Fattmerchant, Uproar has worked to tell a niche story in a broad way, establishing strong thought leadership within the payments industry and generating national awareness. Fattmerchant is a payment technology company known for its subscription-based merchant services and innovative integrated technology. As this falls under a relatively specific industry, Uproar has been tasked with telling the company’s story inside and outside of the payments sphere throughout the campaign.

Not only has Uproar helped establish Fattmerchant as the “tech darling” of Orlando, the team has also pushed Suneera Madhani and her team into the national spotlight. She is now a household name in the payments industry and a powerful female CEO influencer.


Uproar’s notable accomplishments include securing Fattmerchant a spot on the 2020 Forbes Fintech 50 list as well as working with U.S. News & World Report throughout the ranking process for the Best Credit Card Processing Companies of 2020. Fattmerchant was named the Best Credit Card Processor of 2020 and Best for Higher-Volume Businesses.

Utilizing Madhani’s founding story, Uproar established her as a strong female leader in the payments space and national business space. After pitching her story and Fattmerchant’s unique concept, Uproar landed her contributed content in Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur. The team also worked to have her named the “Most Influential Woman in Payments” in 2018 by ISO & Agent.

Uproar has also had success in earning coverage in specific industry trade publications outside of the payments sphere. Uproar works with the marketing team to identify specific verticals Fattmerchant wants to expand its clientele base. The team landed coverage through partnership announcements and explaining the benefits of Fattmerchant’s services in publications dedicated to field service businesses, restaurants, hotels, retailers and dentistry.

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