July 31, 2019

CES PR Firm – The Road to CES 2020 Starts Now

CES, the biggest tech show of the year, is fast approaching. As a public relations and social media agency with a large roster of consumer tech clients, CES is Uproar’s most anticipated event of the year. Having worked CES for eight years,  we’ve mastered what it takes to make CES a success for our clients. In fact, 2019 was our most successful year yet, with more than 600 pieces of coverage and millions of impressions on social media secured for our clients.

With more than 6,600 reporters, 4,400 exhibiting companies and thousands of the most innovative and up-and-coming products, a successful CES requires strategic PR planning. As we prepare for CES 2020, here’s some insight into how to break through the noise and make sure your CES is a success.

Take Advantage of All Pre-Show Opportunities

As CES grows each year, the strategy for the attending media evolves. Although reporters still walk the show floor, fewer meetings are scheduled and reporters seek out pre-show opportunities to experience the new products before the event even begins.

It’s important to have a CES PR firm that’s experienced with hosting pre-show opportunities and has on-going relationships with the top-tier reporters that attend CES each year.

Pitch to a Targeted List

It’s easy to fall into the trap of pitching to as many members of the media as possible, but taking the time to find the reporters who are the best fit for your brand is a must-do. By pitching to targeted lists for our clients, Uproar has secured coverage in national outlets like CNBC, TechCrunch, Mashable and more.

Don’t Let the Floor be Unattended

Having a dedicated PR rep on the show floor helps to keep everything running smoothly, from sample drop-offs to pre-arranged media meetings. Uproar’s PR team serves as the eyes and ears for our clients on the floor, identifying reporters and inviting them to booths so that all clients need to focus on is promoting their products to attendees.

Have an Around-the-Clock Social Media Presence

Along with having an around-the-clock media relations rep on the floor, it is crucial to have constant social media support as well. At CES 2019, Uproar had social media team members constantly monitoring multiple platforms and uploading content with CES hashtags to ensure our clients were inserted into conversations.

Having an experienced CES PR firm will ensure that your brand breaks through the noise at CES 2020. Interested in learning more about how Uproar PR can help you conquer CES? Contact our team today.

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