COVID-19 Digital Trends
Written By uproar

With the rise of social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans have turned to social media to fill their time and need for personal interaction. A study by found that Instagram impressions in Q1 increased 22 percent over Q4. The boost in consumption isn’t limited to Instagram, however, as companies like eMarketer and Statista predict a boost across all social channels.

As online traffic continues to rise, we’ve been monitoring digital trends gaining traction during the pandemic. Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

Instagram Story Quizzes

A surge in Instagram stories with a rise in shareable story formats. Users are being creative with content, designing quiz-style graphics to share amongst followers and participating in tagging challenges, such as the popular ‘First Photo Challenge.’

Live Video Content

Planet Fitness Live Video Workouts

Video content has always been popular on social media; however, it’s become more prevalent with added time for content creation due to stay-in-place recommendations. Not only has there been a rise in professional video viewership, but there has been a rise in live video content as well. Live videos have become successful tools for businesses on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, as many companies can no longer operate business as usual. Fitness studios have started conducting classes through live video content to keep their customers engaged while in the comfort of their homes. We’ve also seen brands, like Planet Fitness, leverage celebrities to lead workout videos and entice a larger audience. Additionally, B2B companies are leveraging LinkedIn live videos as a replacement for tradeshows and other critical industry events, to continue establishing connections with their target audience.


There has also been a boost in hashtag usage, as individuals long for the sense of community as a result of isolation to fight the pandemic. We’ve observed hashtags used to support healthcare workers, such as #ThankYouHealthHeros, along with hashtags to encourage struggling businesses, including #GreatAmericanTakeout to assist local food establishments.

While not every trend fits certain business models or needs, there is an opportunity to expand your social media footprint during the pandemic. Joining digital trends shows authenticity and allows businesses to relate with their customers to establish stronger relationships, which is especially pertinent in times like these.

To learn more about these digital trends and how to best stay in communication while social distancing, contact our team today.