February 26, 2024

Five Awards to Help Boost Your Business

Award wins are more than having a trophy to display or plaque to hang on the wall. They are an important part of a public relations campaign as they help support various business goals, including recruiting, lead generation, establishing credibility and boosting brand awareness.

Here are the five types of awards that are beneficial to your business:


Looking to be perceived as a major player in your industry? Awards spotlighting your company’s growth is a perfect way of accomplishing that. National awards like Inc. 5000, TIME100 Most Influential Companies and Fast Company Brands That Matter all build credibility for potential customers and help attract investors. 


Winning awards spotlighting your innovative products or services builds instant credibility on a global scale, regardless of your company size. Winning awards like Fast Company Innovation by Design, TIME Best Inventions and Fortune’s America’s Most Innovative Companies tell your key decision makers that you’re offering something worth their time. These awards are critical to apply for upon product launches as they’ll also help with sales early on.

CEO Awards

Every company has a brand, and the CEO has one too. As the face of the company, CEOs need to be seen as a trusted resource for customers, shareholders and employees. Applying for awards like EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Fortune’s The 50 Most Powerful Women and Forbes 50 Over 50 will put the right kind of attention on your leadership.

Beyond CEOs, there are also many personnel awards locally and within industry verticals. These also showcase the expertise you have within your organization, furthering innovation and credibility. 

Industry Verticals

Whether it’s technology, trucking or healthcare, every sector has its own industry-specific set of awards that can set you apart from your competitors. These awards can showcase growth, innovation and standout employees. With Uproar’s team members experienced across all industry verticals, like technology, finance, healthcare, sports and fitness, lifestyle, real estate and more, we regularly apply for and win awards in these industries.

Example awards include MIT Tech Review 35 Innovators Under 35, Popular Science Best of What’s New, Forbes Fintech 50, Tearsheet: Power of Payments Awards and Good Housekeeping Awards.


If you’re looking to recruit more talented employees, you need to win local and best workplace awards. Nationally, there are awards like Fast Company Best Workplaces for Innovators, PEOPLE Companies That Care, Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and Inc. Best Workplaces. Local examples include Orlando Sentinel Top Workplaces, Des Moines Register Iowa’s Top Workplaces and Seattle Business Magazine’s Washington’s Best Companies to Work For.

Once learning your company’s goals, our teams recommend which awards to apply for. The team knows which paid awards are beneficial and which are pay-to-play, in which you essentially “win” by writing a check. While those pay-to-play opportunities are guaranteed wins, they offer no value and work against the campaign for those who understand the process. Once approved to move forward with the application, your Uproar team will take the lead in drafting a compelling application and will handle the entire submission process.

At Uproar, we’ve helped our clients across all industries win hundreds of awards, including TIME100 Most Influential Companies, Inc. 5000, TIME Best Inventions, Inc. Best Places to Work, Fast Company Innovation by Design, Forbes 50 Over 50, EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc. Power Award and more.

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