July 8, 2020

How a Dynamic Digital Strategy Boosted Online Sales

 Established in 1874, King Grove Organic Farm is a familyowned and operated organic blueberry farm located in Eustis, Florida. The owners came to Uproar in early 2020 to create a social media advertising campaign. The farm wanted to drive leads to their website for curbside sales of their delicious organic blueberries and raw honey.  

 Through a series of discussions with owners Hugh and Lisa Kent, the Uproar Digital Team quickly determined that King Grove’s biggest selling points were the organic nature of their blueberries and the storied history of the farm itself. Highlighting these unique aspects on social media would create a personal connection with consumers and lead to more opportunities for sales. The challenge was expanding their market beyond Central Florida residents and to serve up new customers since delivery wasn’t an option.  

Through a dynamic digital strategy, Uproar created organic content for King Grove’s Facebook and Instagram channels. This content highlighted the unique aspects of the business and drove traffic to the website, which led to an increase in sales. Additionally, to attract Florida vacationers and travelers, the Uproar team launched a paid social media campaign. This campaign targetted consumers across the country who would be interested in the farms’ USDA Certified Organic blueberries and raw honey. The combination of this strategy led to nearly 60% of clicks to the website coming from social media advertising. Through the strong target audiences and social media ads that the Digital Team created, the cost per click for the ads lowered to $0.16 a click through to the website. That increase in web traffic led to an increase in foot traffic for King Grove, as tourists and travelers added Florida blueberries to their visits and not just beaches.  

The work led to praise from the Kent family, stating: “The Uproar staff was organized, responsive, professional and effective in managing our social media campaign. Their work resulted in a large increase in exposure for our company and an increase in sales.”    

It’s important to have a digital strategy associated with advertising opportunities to drive e-commerce, and the Uproar team is here to assist in that creativity and management. If you are interested in finding out about our digital services, reach out to us today!  

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