January 14, 2021

Client Spotlight: Jasco’s Force with Baby Yoda

Jasco, an industry leader in home electronics and lighting products, began working with Uproar PR in late 2017 to prepare for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While Jasco had attended the show for nearly two decades, the Uproar team helped elevate press around the company’s attendance and new products, making CES 2018 one to remember. Although Jasco originally signed on as a CES project, they decided to hire our firm full-time for media relations and we’ve been working as an extension of the team ever since. 

Though 2020 has been a challenging time, Jasco has not slowed down, but instead, has worked overtime to deliver products and bring new innovations to life. A highlight of the year has been the launch of Jasco’s “Baby Yoda” products, licensed by Disney. While Jasco created an entire line for The Mandolorian, The Child Tabletop Night Light has proven to be a huge hit among press and Star Wars fanatics. The Uproar team worked to secure dozens of articles across top tier publications including Romper, Yahoo!, Delish, House Beautiful, Buzzfeed, POPSUGAR and MSN to name a handful. 

The Child Tabletop Night Light was only available for presale as these articles rolled out, but even so, the Jasco team saw sales increase from roughly three per day to thousands. In fact, the reaction to the light was so strong, inventory quickly depleted and more products had to be manufactured to meet demand – a problem that was met with no complaints. Though the product officially launched in September, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Together, Jasco and Uproar PR delivered a successful Star Wars campaign and as a result, sales goals were not only met, but exceeded. What started as a short-term contract for CES has grown into a lasting partnership and our team looks forward to the future with Jasco. With more than one hundred products, there’s no shortage of stories to tell and the company’s growth looks bright for 2021 and beyond.

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