December 3, 2019

Lifestyle Team Lands Hyperice In GQ’s “Best Stuff” Gift Guide – Holiday PR

Hyperice is a recovery and performance technology brand that specializes in vibration and percussion fitness devices, often bought by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and people wanting to massage out body aches and pains. With its versatility and wide range of demographics, Uproar uses the months of November and December to leverage holiday PR, and position Hyperice products as ideal gifts for everyone. Through relationship building efforts and strategic outreach, the team landed a placement of Hyperice’s latest product, the Hypervolt Plus, in GQ’s annual “Best Stuff” gift guide.

Uproar sought out a placement in this year’s “Best Stuff” roundup because GQ articles and mentions have converted many sales for Hyperice over the years. In October, Brittany Zoet, the team’s Account Executive, reached out to an editor she thought would have interest specifically in the Hypervolt Plus. After connecting and sending this editor the product to personally review, Zoet asked for it to be considered by anyone working on the “Best Stuff” guide. From here, she was looped in with a videographer to discuss the vision of including the Hypervolt Plus in a video associated with the gift guide. This relationship resulted in not only a product listing in the article itself, but also the accompanying video shoot with Schitt’s Creek star, Dan Levy.

Uproar made the introduction and the Hypervolt Plus sealed the deal with its relaxing yet diligent massage techniques. The device left GQ’s testers with nothing but a glowing review:

“No longer exclusive to NBA locker rooms, the devices are essentially little massage guns designed to pulverize your muscles, thereby speeding up recovery and lowering your risk of injury. The best of the best is the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus, a power-drill-sized gadget with three different power settings that is, unlike some of its predecessors, library-quiet.”

Inclusion in this story left the Hyperice team ecstatic as we continue to see it resulting in holiday sales.

You can view the whole story and Hypervolt Plus review here.

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