November 27, 2019

Creative Client Problem Solving with Serendipity x Teen Vogue – Lifestyle PR Event

Serendipity Brands was created in partnership with the famous New York based restaurant, Serendipity 3. Initially bringing Uproar on board as it’s lifestyle PR firm in early 2019 to help with its official launch, which resulted in articles with Food & Wine Magazine, People Magazine and Entrepreneur, the team continued to sustain coverage with a target audience of young women in mind. Uproar quickly learned that the colorful brand was most successful in securing coverage when sampled by media. Therefore, to gain coverage and build relationships, our team reached out to Teen Vogue to host an ice cream social.

Without additional cost, Uproar coordinated with Serendipity to bring one of its signature flavors, Vanilla Vogue, and a few new products to the Condé Nast office. Thanks to a shared office space, the team was able to get in front of reporters from Vogue, Teen Vogue and GQ. A brand spokesperson connected with writers to share their story—and of course, a sweet treat.

Throughout the social, editors shared posts on Instagram stories, tagging the brand and generating real-time coverage. Afterwards, the Uproar team followed up with writers at Teen Vogue to keep the lines of communication open for future articles with Serendipity.

While traditional pitching is at the core of Uproar’s media relations service, sometimes it takes out-of-the-box thinking to connect with reporters and generate coverage for our clients. By leveraging our existing insights from pitching efforts, the team was able to come up with a creative way to problem solve and get the brand (and ice cream) in front of reporters. To learn more about Uproar’s client services, click here.

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