January 8, 2020

Plugging Into CES 2020

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is here, and Uproar is in full swing securing coverage for its attending clients. The show brings brands from all around the world to showcase the latest innovations across the tech world. Learn a bit more about the clients Uproar is representing at CES 2020.


Smart Home

Jasco – Jasco designs and develops products to simplify life and connect the home, building powerful brands such as GE, Philips, and Honeywell. At CES, Jasco is debuting the Philips Universal Companion Remote (CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree) and launching the ZigBee 3.0 product line, which includes the only ZigBee 3.0 Outdoor Smart Plug on the market.


Palo Alto Innovation – A company solving everyday consumer problems with efficient and cost-effective products. At CES 2020, Palo Alto Innovation is announcing the shipping/availability of the Sandman Doppler, an updated Node-ify Axon, and the launch of Sandman Clock 2. The Sandman Clock 2 is improving upon the popular design of the original Sandman Clock by introducing a matte body, two USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports for legacy devices, along with a smartphone app allowing the clock to connect via Bluetooth and automatically set the time and add alarms via the app. The Sandman Doppler includes advanced tech features that convert a simple alarm clock into a complete information hub, including Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth, and integrated Amazon Alexa to respond to unlimited voice commands. While the Sandman Doppler and the Sandman Clock 2 take a forgotten piece of tech and bring it into the Smart Home space, Palo Alto Innovation’s Node-ify Axon is the first universal sensor that allows users to measure, alert and control everyday objects – turning anything into a smart device. The Node-ify Axon design has been updated to included USB-C and magnetic closures refining an already clean design.


Toucan – A smart home security company offering smart home products including smart lights and outdoor security cameras, and more recently video doorbells. At CES, Toucan will be unveiling its latest products – a battery-powered 180 degree wireless video doorbell and wireless moveable outdoor camera. Both are being introduced with a corresponding app and competitive technology – including PIR sensors for motion detection, night vision, weatherproof design and free 24-hour look back for recordings.


Luminook Lighting – Luminook is a company dedicated to making household lighting more effective. At CES, the company will be announcing its first product, Luminook – a hands-free lighting solution (designed specifically for closets and small spaces) that provides floor-to-ceiling, shadow-free illumination by discreetly nesting an LED strip along the inner door trim of your closet or pantry. Traditional lights rely on switches, buttons or poor-functioning motion sensors to control light which is inconvenient and wastes electricity. Luminook uses advanced sensors to determine the exact position of the door, so the light is only on when it needs to be.


Consumer Tech

Sheertex – A fashion and textile tech company that created the first pair of unbreakable pantyhose. Using advanced technology it developed the proprietary Sheertex knit, made with the world’s strongest polymer that’s up to ten times stronger than steel and used in ballistic products like bulletproof vests. At CES 2020, Sheertex will have the pantyhose (that now come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints) and it will debut the Sheertex Shoe also made out of its proprietary knit technology and high performance polymers. Sheertex Shoes are ultra lightweight, odor resistant, naturally cool to the touch, quick drying, stain resistant anti-microbial, breathable, and more – available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


KATANA Safety – Introducing the next generation and latest innovation in personal safety, the KATANA Safety Wallet – a patented device that attaches directly to your smartphone, so it is always with you. In addition to offering a credit card holder and space for your favorite grip, the KATANA Wallet offers three layers of defense: A piercing siren, 24/7 response center and direct line to your friends and family.  So with just the flick of your finger or the pull of the built-in wristband, a piercing siren is activated to ward off potential threats and grab the attention of those nearby. Both quick-trigger alarms bypass your phone’s locked screen to notify your 24/7 response team who immediately call to check on you.  If necessary, they will dispatch emergency services to your location and notify your circle of seven preselected friends or family. Also new, the KATANA App even offers the Walk-With-Me for those times when you are feeling a little uncomfortable and just want someone on the phone until you reach your destination. The KATANA Safety Wallet gives you and your loved ones the peace of mind to live life confidently and connected wherever you go.


WHILL – A mobility tech company transforming the traditional wheelchair and scooter experience with a new category of Intelligent Personal Electric Vehicles (EVs) that increase user confidence and independence. Earlier this year, the company merged with a leading personal transportation solutions company to form a worldwide platform for assistive devices and provide a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model that can be implemented everywhere – airports, theme parks, cruise lines, concert venues, etc. It also successfully completed airport trials of its self-driving Personal EVs at DFW and Winnipeg airports. At CES, WHILL will have its current models of Intelligent Personal EVs – the Model Ci and Model A – available to test drive.


Braintreehouse – An art studio that includes professional artists who have worked on projects with Hollywood, Marvel and Disney, and team members with backgrounds in game dev, comics, animation, and product design. At CES, it is announcing the first iPad stand just for artists – the Sketchboard Pro, which features strong legs that easily fold out to create a comfortable 20-degree angled flat drawing surface. This allows users to have a drawing desk experience virtually anywhere in landscape or portrait orientation, and enjoy the benefits of digital drawing with the familiarity and feel of drawing on paper. The innovative design is unlike any iPad stand on the market. Recognizing that today’s smart devices are changing our bodies’ physiology, the adjustable features aim to reduce shoulder pain, risk of early arthritis, numbness in hands and fingers, and bone spikes on the back of the skull from looking down too much – all common side effects of consistent professional drawing on an iPad.



ThirdEye – A leader in AR/MR solutions for enterprise, providing an all-in-one (hardware and software) solution for all industries, including energy. While many companies today use just smart glasses or only software, ThirdEye provides a full end-to-end package for its customers and employees. At CES, it will be demoing the lightest MR glasses on the market – its X2 MR Glasses – to showcase the wide variety of applications for consumers and the enterprise. The built-in proprietary SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) system that allows for 3D environment scanning and advanced MR features that aren’t available on a monocular device, and the ThirdEye App Suite is already used by over 500 enterprise customers around the world.


Pico Interactive – A global tech company that develops innovative VR and enterprise solutions that enable businesses to create and experience the best in VR and Interactive Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). To date, over 200 thousand Pico VR headsets have been sold worldwide across a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, marketing and training services. At CES, it is announcing a new VR headset designed for enterprise applications – the Neo 2, an all-in-one (AIO) device with eye-tracking technology,  6 degrees of freedom (DoF) head and controller tracking that delivers key VR solutions to businesses.


Fitness/Sports Tech

FlexIt – A mobile app (available to download on iOS or Android) that quickly and seamlessly enables users to access gyms where and when they want, and only pay for the amount of time that they are in the facility. FlexIt offers consumers the flexibility that they both desire and so strongly expect. FlexIt users access any gym on the FlexIt network in a paper free manner, and have access to all the amenities and all the classes that the gyms have to offer. FlexIt is currently in partnership with 1,500 gyms across the United States and is live in 20 markets. At CES, FlexIt is announcing new features that take end-user and gym engagement to new heights, including the addition of personal training services and extended reality (AR + VR) services. FlexIt Training enables users to personal train at gyms before ever joining that gym. FlexIt Extended Reality will include an array of services, starting with tools that enable users to tour clubs, inspiring comfort that is akin to already having visited the clubs, among so much more.


SmartTools –  Creates the highest quality, most ergonomic, and affordable IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tools on the market. The company has used their knowledge in the rehabilitation industry to create tools that assist in blood flow restriction (BFR). At CES, SmartTools is announcing its third generation BFR Smart Cuffs, which now appeal to not only clinical rehab centers and professional trainers, but also your everyday consumer.


Artificial Intelligence

Fluent.ai – A speech technology company that offers a range of AI voice interface software products to OEMs and service providers. Using more than nine years of research in machine learning, AI and multiple families of issued patents, Fluent.ai’s products and services deliver unprecedented accuracy when understanding and acting on commands from a wide variety of languages and accents through an embedded, audio-only approach. Its unique speech-to-intent recognition engine (that bypasses the need for speech to text conversion) is faster, more accurate, supports any language, and works better in noisy environments than competing solutions. At CES, the company will be announcing a new solution (and CES Innovation Award Honoree) that supports 4 separate wake words and 100 multilingual commands, offering users unparalleled flexibility in hands-free voice control (and CES Innovation Award Honoree.


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