October 23, 2020

The Power of TV News for PR

If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s the power of the TV news cycle. We’ve been glued to our televisions for the latest COVID-19 and election developments. There’s seemingly something new each hour on cable networks. However, there’s still a yearning for news that’s personally impactful, or simply, uplifting. That’s where local television comes in handy as one of the most powerful storytellers.

Local television newsrooms are staffed with people dedicated to sharing stories that affect their own community. While part of their coverage is national or international, their main focus is on covering what is going on around them. Whether in Central Florida, Chicago, Annapolis, or a small city, the news is different in each community.

The power of television is in the combination of video and words. Visuals can make all the difference when showcasing a business offering a unique service. Other times, simply seeing a troubling trend and the business there to help can make a difference in the community. The ability to put a face to a name and hear the passion in that person’s voice, rather than a printed quote, can bring expert analysis in a way that is not possible in print.

At Uproar, we work to establish connections with local TV newsrooms throughout the U.S. and Canada. By working with health care and fintech experts, we able to shed light on the difficulties of navigating health care and financial challenges, especially during COVID-19.  Through the stories of Special Olympics athletes and recipients of eSight, a medical device to help the visually impaired see, we are able to inspire and to provide uplifting news in local communities. Uproar is also able to show how people can give back through local businesses, like Spirit Hub in Chicago.

A number of Uproar employees spent years working in the TV news industry. We know the value of local television in telling your company’s story. Contact us today.

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