October 21, 2020

Strategy Hour: PR + Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is an increasingly popular activity worldwide, especially since the pandemic started, and the trend is not showing signs of slowing down. According to Statista, in 2019 there were an estimated 88 million people listening to podcasts and forecasts predict that number will surpass 160 million by 2023. With podcast listenership on the rise, placing a focus on podcast appearances is an effective public relations strategy for increasing your business’ brand awareness and sharing your message with a specific audience. 

Being featured on podcasts geared toward your target audience is extremely beneficial in boosting both the company’s brand and positioning your leadership team as industry experts. Podcasts are often more conversational in nature than other earned media placements and allow you to share your unique style and expertise on a given subject. As an added bonus, podcasts are very niche, much like industry-specific trade publications, and give you the chance to share your founding story, product or service in detail to a very specific audience, whether that be a podcast highlighting female entrepreneurship or a podcast covering retail banking trends. 

With so many podcasts out there, finding the right podcast opportunity can be a daunting task. At Uproar, we specialize in determining the right podcast opportunities that will move the needle for your brand and handle everything from the initial outreach to developing and publishing social content to amplify listenership. 

One example of a successful podcast campaign is with our client, The Orsini Way. With COVID-19 changing our world and the plans of businesses across all industries, the communications training company that traditionally worked with the healthcare industry pivoted to help HR and business professionals navigate tough conversations with employees and co-workers. Uproar offered Dr. Anthony Orsini, founder and president of The Orsini Way, as an expert in compassionate communication to HR podcasts, landing spots on shows such as HR Happy Hour and HR Works.  

Not only do podcast interviews help maximize brand exposure and solidify your executives as thought leaders, but they can also prove valuable for networking opportunities within an industry and generate new sales leads. 

If you’re curious about what podcast appearances can do to boost your brand, reach out to us today! We have PR experts in healthcare, financial technology, lifestyle, consumer technology and B2B verticals ready to help you achieve your goals.

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