September 14, 2020

Sports Illustrated Interview with EVO Founder, Jay Schroeder

As a multi-faceted public relations firm, Uproar PR offers unique media opportunities ranging from traditional media pitching, thought leadership, feature story interviews, and more. When The Evolution Code (EVO) came to Uproar this past June, the team wanted help announcing the online availability of its Nervous System Training Program. To garner the best possible results for EVO, Uproar used multiple media relations tactics to tell the story of the brand, including leveraging the founder as a news hook. Read on as we dive into our media relations strategy for securing a Sports Illustrated interview with EVO Founder, Jay Schroeder.

Sports Illustrated interview with EVO Founder, Jay Schroeder:

Uproar started by identifying the publications that would reach EVO’s target demographics of professional athletes, amateur athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. When Sports Illustrated was confirmed to be a top choice for the team, Uproar was able to connect with a reporter at the esteemed media outlet using our personal relationships and skilled story-telling. As a result of this, Uproar secured an in-depth interview with EVO Founder Jay Schroeder and helped prepare the conversation by providing talking points and interview tips and tricks.

The interview focused not only on the new online availability of the company’s program but went back to the beginning with Jay sharing how EVO came to life. Discovering and reporting on this deeper insight gave readers and potential customers high-level information about why the program has been so successful for nearly 40 years. With EVO’s workout program focused on nervous system training, the science behind it can be rather complicated. With this opportunity taking place in the form of an interview, Jay had the ability to fully explain the science and benefits of EVO for a more comprehensive story surrounding the program.

The interview reached Sports Illustrated’s large online readership of 19 million and even made the outlet’s homepage. You can check it out here, and if you’re interested in learning more about Uproar’s knack for media relations, we’d love to hear from you!

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