August 13, 2019

From Intern to Account Coordinator – Uproar’s Chicago PR Internship Program

Uproar is constantly on the lookout for interns looking to learn about our industry and face each day with enthusiasm. In this blog, intern turned account coordinator Jenny Cummings details her internship experience.

Last summer, I interned at Uproar PR on the consumer lifestyle team, and a year later, I joined as an account coordinator on the tech team. My experience in Uproar’s Chicago PR internship program is what prepared me for the start of my public relations career and led me back to Uproar after graduation.

When my internship began, Uproar’s Chicago PR internship program showed me I could truly be a part of the team even as an intern. Before Uproar, I had internships where I felt like I wasn’t a part of the agency and wasn’t getting the chance to be involved with all the clients and do real work for them.

This was not the case at Uproar. As an intern on the consumer team, I got to work with clients, sit in on calls, and even take on a project to present to the office at the end of the summer. At Uproar, I felt appreciated and that my work contributed to the clients’ success.

After I graduated this past spring, I saw Uproar’s Chicago office had an opening, and I knew I would not only fit in right away but also that my superiors would invest in me and want to see me grow. That is what drew me back to Uproar to work full-time. I knew transitioning from an intern to an account coordinator role would be a learning process, but I was confident Uproar wanted to see me excel in my position.

The ability to work on a client project on my own as an intern showed me the type of work that Uproar is looking to produce for its clients. By doing this, I felt much more confident in my skills and my ability to succeed in an agency setting.

As an account coordinator on the tech team, I now fully appreciate the internship program I went through. I already had a basic understanding of the duties expected from me because I had already done them as an intern. Now that I’m part of the Uproar team, I know I’m going to continue to learn, grow and challenge myself in this position and I’m eager to see where this role will take me.

I’m so excited to be back at Uproar because this office truly has a “work hard, play hard” mentality —which I love. People are not afraid to have fun and take a break from the day — and maybe have a scavenger hunt around the city of Chicago during the middle of the workday. The office culture helped me to decide Uproar is the right place for me to work full-time because leadership makes sure there is a balance between work and having fun with your office mates.

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