June 1, 2019

All Eyes Here: Uproar and North Win Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Focals Launch

Uproar PR is pleased to announce that its work with North for the Focals Launch campaign resulted in a Platinum Hermes Creative Award and an honorable mention in Regan’s PR Daily Awards for a consumer technology PR campaign. Both awards are highly competitive and recognize the year’s top PR campaigns for their strategic execution and stellar results.

Following the successful launch of the Myo Armband, North partnered Uproar once again to prepare for the launch of Focals, a pair of custom-built smart glasses with a holographic display. Excited to get started, Uproar took a thoughtful approach and got to work.

The launch occurred in the following stages:

The Pre-tease

Uproar crafted clean and modern messaging that was on-brand with North, and brought in Wired’s Lauren Goode for a “deep embed” ahead of broader press outreach for an early look at Focals prototypes as the beginning of a long-form story.

The Tease

After establishing the brand and messaging tactics, social teases and billboards highlighted Focals. The tagline, “Your Smartest Pair of Glasses is Coming,” sent social media searching for answers.

The Press Tour

Uproar coordinated a press tour across three cities: New York, Toronto and San Francisco. The tour consisted of in-person press meetings at North’s unfinished stores and desk-side meetings using a Focals demo kit. Over the course of five days, Uproar scheduled 32 in-person briefings across the three cities.

The campaign resulted in more than 50 articles published in Wired, CNBC, The Globe & Mail, and many more.

Alexander Ingram, head of communications at North, had this to say of the award-winning consumer technology PR campaign, “When you’re shopping for a PR agency, one is often drawn to agencies from big cities with flashy client rosters. They wow you with a fancy presentation, but you inevitably fall by the wayside when a bigger client comes along. Uproar takes a different approach. They’re nestled away in Orlando, Florida, but seemingly hold the keys to unlock access to almost any publication imaginable, with the strategic chops to boot.”

Ingram continued, “When we approached them to re-partner and launch our new product, Focals smart glasses, they proved that once again. Uproar nailed the launch of Focals, securing a strategic mix of business, technology and fashion coverage that supported our core business goals. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the campaign and look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

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