May 31, 2019

Uproar’s Social Media Team on How New Grads and Job Seekers Can Optimize Their Social Media Profiles

Social media is an inescapable reality of today’s world, even when it comes to the workforce. Social media is not only a platform for keeping up with friends and sharing your latest personal highlights, but also a tool for businesses to source and vet future employees. Because of this, your social media should be a representation of yourself as well as an extension of your resume and professional experience. Our social media team has some tips for new grads, and everyone else, on how to optimize your social media profiles for the job hunt.

Make it easy for recruiters to find you. 

Often people have multiple accounts on a social platform, making it difficult for employers to find the correct profiles. Having only one account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and a clear professional headshot across all accounts, will limit confusion. It’s also important to make your handles and URLs simple and straightforward. The easier it is to find your account, the easier it is for recruiters understand your experience and what you can bring to the table.

Show your interests – in multiple ways!  

Don’t shy away from showcasing your unique hobbies, endeavors and interests – Show them off! For example, use a header photo that represents who you are, like a skyline of the city you wish to work in or an industry-related image. Additionally, follow and engage with clubs, pages and groups that are relevant to your industry and/or of personal interest to you. Showcasing your individuality and interests can help to set you apart as a candidate.

Keep your page professional.  

There is a time and place for everything, and posting on social media is no exception. Before posting, be sure to ask yourself: Am I presenting myself in a professional and positive way? If the answer isn’t yes, it might be a post that you should reconsider sharing.

Bring your profile to life. 

Visual content is appealing to the eye, engaging and can set you apart from the crowd. On a platform like LinkedIn, it’s important to showcase your work and link to portfolios, photos, videos, etc. Creating a bit of visual excitement will bring life and color to your page, and it might just bring a new job into your life!

Do more than just list your experience. Explain it.  

As a student, internships are excellent opportunities for gaining industry knowledge and professional experience. Use your social media profile to detail the skills you learned and responsibilities you had by highlighting your portfolio and sharing how your experiences enhanced your professional development. By creating an extension of your resume through your social media, you’re showing recruiters and hiring managers your transferrable skills and giving them a multitude of reasons to want to hire you.

Whether you’re a new grad just breaking into the workforce or a tenured professional looking for a career change, it’s important to remember the influence your social media can have on employers and the key ways you can optimize your profiles for success.

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