February 4, 2021

2020 Year In Review

2020 was a year of adaptation for Uproar, and we learned very quickly that our team and clients are very resilient. Let’s take a look at the highlight reel below! 

Client Coverage 

Navigating the news cycle in 2020 kept us on our toes as PR professionals. Our quarterly PR plans provided a roadmap for each campaign, but we had to stay on top of the headlines nationally and locally to strategize the best way to insert our clients into trending conversations each week. Uproar’s portfolio of clients span a variety of industries – lifestyle, fitness, healthcare, consumer tech, B2B tech, fintech and construction to name a few – so we found ourselves living in the trade publications to position our clients as thought leaders in their respective industries, and ramping up award opportunities during the peak of the pandemic and political conversations. 

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Getting Creative with Media Opportunities 

2020 wiped out in-person trade shows and conferences, so we supported our clients with new digital services, like Social Listening, and advertising campaigns that still positioned them in front of their key audiences, potential customers, key decision makers, etc. and we got creative with our approach to media “events.” We hosted a Virtual Insights Series via Zoom Webinars to showcase our clients’ latest announcements and developments (grouped together by industry), which resulted in coverage for our clients and strengthened our relationship with key reporters.  

Company Culture 

At Uproar we know that great culture leads to great results for clients. That being said, it should come as no surprise that we were not willing to let 2020 stop us from cultivating a sense of community and teamwork. Transitioning to working from home was a challenge, but we found creative ways to keep the band together! We hosted cooking classes, happy hour yoga, book club meetups and bingo breaks (with prizes, of course). We also provided quarterly allowances for fun office upgrades to keep everyone inspired. And most importantly, we never forgot to check-in with one another. Our leadership encouraged meet-ups with teammates just to chat and made sure that sick leave was also available for mental health days. If we learned one thing from 2020, it’s that giving and receiving support from one another makes all the difference when times get tough, and we are proud of our employees for sticking together through it all. 

Team Growth 

Despite all of the happenings of 2020, Uproar still found a way to grow through it. One way we know this is because of our continuously growing team. We don’t just mean outward growth, but upward growth, too! Throughout the pandemic, and up until the end of the year, Uproar saw the addition of seven Account Coordinators, an Account Executive, one Senior Account Executive and an Account Director all to keep up with a growing client roster. We added a diverse new set of digital positions so that we can expand our services into the world of analytics. We also saw plenty of promotions (have we mentioned that our employees rock?). All of these changes are culminating into what will be our best year yet, 2021. We are looking forward to integrating our team and continuing to show our clients just what we are capable of!

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Virtual Retreat 

During December, right before Winter break, we hosted our annual retreat. It looked a little bit different this year, given it’s virtual format, but our leadership team still made sure that everything went off without a hitch! This retreat is a time for everyone at Uproar to stop and reflect on the previous year and set goals for the upcoming year all while learning, and of course, having a whole lot of fun! The main focus of this retreat is to give back to our employees so that they can hit the ground running in the new year and turn out great work four our clients. We do this through media panels, where we invite reporters and journalists to share what makes a great PR pitch and how to build relationships with them and their peers. We also invite some of our clients to tell us what about PR and the work we do for them is most valuable, ensuring that we are able to continue to deliver for them, as well as new clients. And there are plenty of happy hours along the way! Our team looks forward to this time of bonding and professional development all year, and this year didn’t disappoint! 

Although the start of 2021 doesn’t look or feel drastically different, our team is refreshed from the long holiday break and ready to tackle whatever this year has in store for us, while sharing the amazing things our clients are doing around the world. 

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