July 9, 2012

A Month of Growth for Uproar PR

PR and Social Media Agency Signs Several Clients And Launches New Website 

Orlando, Fla. – July 9, 2012 – Uproar PR, a full service public relations and social media firm, announced today the addition of several new clients to the firm’s growing roster.  These new clients include the recently announced Blacktip, Orlando Brewing, Silly Lips and Slogan Slingers. Uproar has the expertise and industry background to provide its clients with strategic PR campaigns that drive both awareness and sales. Along with the firm’s recent boom in clients, Uproar has also revamped its website to help illustrate its capabilities in a more fun and energetic way.

“After signing on with Uproar, I was immediately blown away at the amount and quality of coverage they obtained for Slogan Slingers,” said President of Slogan Slingers, Rich Davis. “They are truly experts at what they do and I would recommend them as a PR agency to anyone. Overall, working with Uproar has been a fantastic experience.”

The success of Uproar stems from a skilled, driven team that delivers top-tier results for its clients, whether that is coverage in national publications and TV, or an increase of more than 1,000% in Facebook fans in just three months. The firm does whatever it takes to successfully include public relations and social media into its clients marketing programs, making sure its clients get the exposure they need.

“The recent influx in clients has been incredibly rewarding for our team,” said Catriona Harris, managing partner of Uproar PR. “The firm is growing tremendously in consumer markets across the board which is a great proof point for the work that we are doing. With our continual growth it is easy to forget about your own branding, but with the help of Spry Group, we were able to make changes to our website that helps potential clients really capture what we stand for.”

Throughout Uproar’s new website you will find flashing lights, swinging TVs and jumping couches, which are just a few of the fun ways the Spry Group team has helped illustrate the firm’s unique dynamic. Each of these effects utilizes complex techniques, which mix photography, design and motion to create a one of a kind feel. Uproar’s new website is both browser and mobile friendly, functioning on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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