September 14, 2018

A Year of Being Uproarious

It’s hard to believe a year at Uproar, an International PR Agency, has come and gone. They say life moves fast, but it moves even faster when you work in an industry like PR. In one year, I’ve learned so much about working in public relations, developed as a professional, and even expanded my knowledge to include concepts like blockchain.

What stands out as the most unique part of Uproar is the culture. Sure, this includes little things like unlimited snacks and tasty coffee options, but Uproar’s culture is much more prominent in the staff – having a strong, friendly support system has allowed me to not only grow, but thrive in the past year.

Here are a few highlights from my first year at Uproar:

  • Reward day at Discovery Cove
    • The Orlando staff was treated to a fun day at Discovery Cove as part of our quarterly reward system – I guess you could say dolphins were my colleagues for the day.
  • Professional development opportunities
    • Beyond the day-to-day work, we’re encouraged to learn more about the industry. I really enjoy our “Meet the Press” sessions, where we get the chance to learn about the fast-paced news industry from local media members.
  • Holiday shenanigans
    • December is a jam-packed month at Uproar – I had the chance to meet members of the Chicago office during the three-day company retreat. Of course, I can’t talk about my favorite month of the year without mentioning the office holiday party. I’ve never seen an office go all out for the holidays like Uproar does!
  • Great clients
    • Working with a variety of clients has not only taught me the ins and outs of a successful public relations campaign, but it showed me how to navigate different industries and work with different people.

Thank you to everyone who has made my first year so Uproarious – I feel as though I’ve made an impact on the International PR Agency and on the industry as a whole!

Written by Brianna Hayes

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