October 16, 2023

From Entry-Level to Director: Brittany Zoet’s Professional Journey at Uproar

Uproar PR is all about providing growth opportunities for its team and a perfect example is Brittany Zoet’s career journey. Brittany joined Uproar PR in 2017 as an entry-level account coordinator fresh out of college. Shifting between industries and teams, Brittany worked with diverse clients and built invaluable skills and experiences before discovering her passion for various industries like sports, fitness technology, lifestyle and more. Ever since, Uproar prioritized giving her clients that align with her expertise and passions, fostering her growth and development in the process.  

Brittany’s passion shines through in her work and relationships – driving excellent results and forging strong connections with clients and reporters alike. Over her six years with Uproar, Brittany was promoted five times – most recently in August to account director where she leads PR strategy for three teams.  

Read more about Brittany’s journey: 

UPROAR: What has Uproar taught you the most? 

BRITTANY: I’ve learned how to be a strong PR professional, how to lead a team and drive success for our clients. Relationship-building with reporters and clients is especially important. After working on accounts over the years – some of them since I was an account coordinator – I’ve had the opportunity to build really amazing relationships with my clients. It’s been exciting to work and grow alongside them and be a part of their growth and success. On the media side, I’ve established relationships with key contacts who are always open to being pitched a story.  

UPROAR: What has been the key to your success? 

BRITTANY: Uproar values go-getters. I was consistently provided with opportunities to adapt and rise to challenges which enabled me to boost my career growth.  Uproar’s structured professional development training and chances for hands-on experience helped me build confidence as a PR professional and nurture my leadership skills and expertise. 

UPROAR: What has been a career highlight? 

BRITTANY: One of the standout moments in my career was working hard to secure a full feature story in USA Today for a client. In addition to posting online, the piece published in the outlet’s print edition. Afterward, I was told by the client that they had grown up reading USA Today in print every Sunday and that having their company featured there was a dream come true. It really highlighted to me the impact of my work and made all those months of chasing and coordinating with the reporter worth it. 

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