May 24, 2017

Best Consumer PR Agency – The “story” behind winning Hermes Creative and Bulldog Reporter Awards for GOAT Story

Just like a book, no product launch is the same. Like an author writing their next novel, PR takes research, planning and strategy. Here at Uproar we consider ourselves the best consumer PR agency and because of that we love adding “stories” to our collection. That’s why when GOAT Story came to us, we were excited to dive in and start creating new “chapters.”

GOAT Story, the coffee-centric company behind the wildly successful GOAT Mug, came to Uproar looking to make it big with the launch of its new smart coffee brewing instrument, GINA. The team dove right into the Kickstarter campaign headfirst, preparing for the exciting launch.

Chapter 1 – The Press Tour

Uproar quickly began planning GOAT Story’s GINA press tour in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. As a result of our media outreach, Uproar was able to secure demo meetings with Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, Coffee Lovers’ Magazine and The next step was coordinating meetings for the New York City press tour with Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Fortune, The Verge and several other media outlets.

Chapter 2 – The Launch

Uproar began preparing for the launch of the GINA. Caroline, a team member at the time of the launch, worked with her team to find additional ways to get GINA in front of media. Uproar offered Skype product demos with GOAT Story’s CEO as a way to introduce media to the product who were unavailable for press tour meetings. Through well-crafted pitches and persistence, Uproar secured coverage from top outlets, including CNET, The Huffington Post, Fortune, PSFK, Apartment Therapy,, VentureBeat, The Verge and Uncrate. GOAT Story’s Kickstarter campaign quickly reached its crowdfunding goal within hours of the official launch! 

Chapter 3 – Celebrating the Wins

The team was excited to see their hard work pay off, as the Kickstarter campaign exceeded its fundraising goal by more than 900 percent within the first 60 days. The combination of Uproar PR’s goals and strategy led GOAT Story to achieve four national press hits, 12 coffee trade placements and 45 lifestyle publication features. Due to the success of the campaign, Uproar has been recognized two separate times for this fantastic product launch.

  • Uproar first received a platinum Hermes Creative Award. For this award, campaigns are judged individually and are given a score from 0 to 100. Uproar received the highest honor (a score from 90 to 100), the Platinum award.
  • Most recently, Uproar received the Bulldog Reporter Gold Award, for the Best Campaign Under $10,000. The awards are judged by award winning journalists who come from several different media outlets including The Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes and The Oregonian.

“Kickstarter campaigns aren’t always the easiest to secure media exposure for, but Uproar worked tirelessly to make the campaign a success,” said Caroline, Account Executive at Uproar PR that worked on the GOAT Story campaign. “It’s exciting to receive such recognition in addition to helping GOAT Story’s team meet and exceed their goal in just hours after its launch.”

Although Uproar and GOAT Story have closed the book on this campaign, GOAT(s) Story is far from over.

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