February 23, 2018

How We Handle Healthcare PR – Healthcare PR Firm

The healthcare industry is wide-ranging and plays a pivotal role in people’s day-to-day lives. From a hospital or doctor’s office visit, to using a smartphone app to screen your child’s development or refill a prescription, you’re likely exposed to more health technology than you realize. The work at our healthcare PR firm often extends beyond traditional public relations and has the opportunity to impact the health and wellness of the community.

We know our PR efforts don’t go unnoticed. In fact, we like to think our work impacts everyone, not just our clients. That passion to help others is what drives us to reach every audience that fits the needs of our clients. Whether it’s exploring mental health treatments in Bustle, or announcing major biotech investments in the New York Times, we dive in to understand the right target audiences.

Our team handles many different types of announcements including partnerships, product launches, milestones, clinical results and more. In between announcements, we develop strategic pitching ideas to positon our clients as industry thought-leaders and as the trailblazers of their trade.

We identify what will make the biggest impact on the end goal of our client. From spreading awareness for mental health, to the release of new CRISPR software that reduces genome editing time, we know which publications to target to reach the right audience.

There will always be new problems to solve and new ways to streamline the healthcare system. We’re excited to continue making waves for those companies leading the way.

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