Case Study: Aviv Clinics

Uproar PR Helps Promote Health & Wellness with Aviv Clinics


  • To raise awareness around the availability of Aviv Clinics’ aging and condition treatment protocols.
  • To demystify the stigma around hyperbaric oxygen therapy by explaining the uniqueness of Aviv’s HBOT protocols, which may be included in the comprehensive Aviv Medical Program.

Our Approach

Uproar has developed a two-pronged media relations campaign to showcase the experts at Aviv as thought leaders in the science and medical space. The team does this by highlighting advances in Aviv’s research and studies, as well as informing media on the facility’s very specific protocol when it comes to HBOT. To get in front of Aviv’s future clients, Uproar educates wellness and lifestyle reporters on the importance of fighting aging as a disease and utilizing testimonials from past clients.

Parallel to a strong media relations strategy, Uproar crafted compelling and engaging content and community management plan to help Aviv meet their goals. Tactics include researching industry competitors and major players, developing a consistent posting cadence with easily digestible and approachable content, and implementing both a proactive and reactive community engagement process.


Since starting to work with Uproar in 2022, the team has secured over 400 pieces of coverage reaching more than 30 billion impressions. With the goal of positioning Aviv as the go-to expert in healthy aging, Uproar offered Aviv experts to discuss all things brain health and healthy aging, while also being a resource for general health-related stories, resulting in interviews with INSIDER, Reuter’s, CNBC Make It, Well+Good, CBS News and Business Insider.

Uproar also developed more than 550 pieces of organic content for Aviv across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram in 2023, which earned an average engagement rate of 9.3%, well above industry average. We earned nearly 150,000 impressions and over 10,000 engagements. Additionally, Uproar grew Aviv’s following by over 800 new followers within the target audience demographics.

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