Case Study: E.C.D. Automotive Design

How Uproar PR Launched E.C.D. Automotive Design into the National and International Scene

ECDE.C.D. Automotive Design tasked Uproar PR with announcing the launch of the world’s first ever Electric Range Rover Classic, while giving media the time to tell the story of a brand who goes above and beyond to provide five-star luxury service to their clients.

Our Approach

E.C.D. Automotive Design came to Uproar over two years ago to help build brand awareness for the world’s leader in custom and restored bespoke Range Rovers and classic Defenders. Over the course of the long-term partnership, Uproar has upheld the integrity of the brand’s unique promise to only build one-of-one vehicles while gaining respect from media in the automotive industry, local press and national reporters.

Uproar has been able to put E.C.D. Automotive on the national and international scene because of a consistent cadence of media coverage driven by a strong PR strategy. Beloved by car gurus and buyers alike, E.C.D. has pushed itself to the forefront of a crowded market and become standouts in craftsmanship, quality and culture.


Uproar’s results span wide across the automotive media including hits in Road & Track, Motor1, Carbuzz, Shmee150, Motor Trend and more. By utilizing different truck builds including the electric Defender, electric Range Rover and soon the electric Jaguar E-Type, Uproar has created exclusive media trips and more than 40 media to the “Rover Dome” headquarters where they experienced tours, in-person interviews with the founders and test drives of the powerhouse trucks. National media also find interest in the company with reporters at Forbes, Newsweek, Esquire and Modern Luxury all showcasing one of Orlando’s most interesting companies.

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