A. Duie Pyle came to the Uproar team with the goal of garnering increased awareness for the brand and its services, and to further position the company as a leader in the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Warehousing and Distribution space. From there, the logistics PR team immersed themselves in Pyle’s operations, learning the ins and outs of the industry.

As a 91-year-old company and a family-owned business, Uproar sought to highlight Pyle as an innovative business in an often antiquated industry. Profiles in Inc., The Huffington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and Family Business Magazine noted unique aspects to how Pyle is creating a succession plan for the family-owned business. A reporter for Forbes also interviewed Peter Latta, Pyle’s CEO, and Hans Latta, a member of the 4th generation, and the article garnered much attention within the industry.

On top of highlighting executives, Uproar has been successful in finding unique stories within the ranks of the truck drivers, which has resulted in pieces promoting the company as a great place to work. Uproar highlighted three generations of drivers, a father, son and grandson from the same family working at Pyle, which resulted in a feature article in the York Daily Record’s Sunday Edition.  Uproar also garnered coverage on truck drivers who left retirement because they missed working for Pyle, which was featured in Transport Topics. During the 2015 holiday season, Uproar was successful in creating a couple of feel-good stories around charitable contribution which can be seen in The Times of Chester County and The Unionville Times.

Uproar has leveraged many of Pyle’s services in order to help Pyle drive new business. Most recently, Uproar has focused Pyle’s Expedited Shipping offering. Uproar strategized an announcement about Pyle’s growth in the sector and released growth numbers which garnered attention from Transport Topics and DC Velocity. Another area of focus has been on Pyle’s Custom Dedicated service. While the service is customized to each client, Uproar was unable to use any client names in its pitching. Faced with this challenge, Uproar created a strategy around current trends in the industry and applied the Custom Dedicated service to each trend. The result included pieces in the Journal of Commerce, Heavy Duty Trucking and Supply Chain Brain. Most recently, Uproar has landed numerous opportunities on Pyle’s LTL service, the company’s bread and butter, in Inbound Logistics and Logistics Management.

Uproar also manages the public relations for all company announcements, including the launch of new facility and services. This coverage garners attention for the company in the local markets where the trucking terminals are located, which is also where many of the company’s customers are located. Most recently, Uproar launched a new service center in New York with a piece in the Mid Hudson News. Other placements include The Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Burlington County Times and the Times Tribune.

For two years running, Uproar has also executed a campaign focused on Pyle’s “Protect from Freeze” program, a big money-maker during the winter season for the company. Uproar conducted outreach to media contacts within industries that would benefit from the “Protect from Freeze” service and received coverage in PCI Magazine, EBN Online, The Paint Dealer and Fleet Owner. Pyle has also been featured in the Journal of Commerce, Boston Globe, Transport Topics and the print edition of Heavy Duty Trucking for its winter weather service. Pyle’s warehousing services have also been featured in Supply Chain Digital.

Maintaining fantastic relationships with the media, journalists are always turning to Uproar for help with a transportation-related story. Due to these relationships, Pyle has been a voice on many hot topics within the industry and has been featured in Food Logistics multiple times, which is a target publication for the company, as they’re looking to expand within the food industry. They’ve also been featured in the Journal of Commerce, Fleet Owner, and DC Velocity where they offered their expertise on important topics within the supply chain channels.

Uproar works with Pyle to create B2B social media content focusing on engaging and promotional information to post on its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Each month, the team creates content calendars around a theme such as expedited shipping, the leadership development program and how to find the right warehouse for your business. With these themes and regular content creation such as highlighting drivers each week, posting a job of the week and including information about the company itself, Uproar has helped Pyle grow its Facebook page by more than 2,520 likes and the Twitter page by 1,080 likes. Additionally, the company’s LinkedIn page averages 50 new followers every month.

Uproar visits Pyle’s headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania every year for a multi-day strategy session. These meetings allow Uproar to immerse itself in the company’s culture and operations. From those meetings, Uproar created strategic plans regarding social media and media relations for the year ahead.

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